This House is Home, Part II

Read Part I here.

One week later:

Trish and I arrived at Lynn’s & Justin’s with our little work bags, exchanged a few last-minute words with Lynn, and got right to work.  We had devised a game plan and were eager to set it in motion.   Clearing the loveseat out of the nook, we headed up to the third floor attic for those two great Ikea chairs.  Lynn must have heard the pounding of our excited hearts when we first saw them – she had washed the canvas covers for us.


As the minutes ticked by and quickly turned to hours, the space took on new life, with two areas emerging:  conversation/TV area, and office space.  The cute loveseat, which had been a perfect fit in the nook, was needed to define the two new spaces, so was moved out and placed diagonally – office space behind it.

 Here's that space, BEFORE:




And, After:


 Notice the beautiful, colorful piece of art resting on the desk? (above)  A nice find from the floor of the foyer – fresh garage sale score by Lynn.

With the  placing the loveseat,  nice little office space had been created on one end of the room.  The bookcase (“before”, below) that is beside the window was moved to the opposite wall and placed diagonally on a corner, with the TV added.



Additonal office work space was created by moving a drop-leaf table into  a corner, with one leaf up,  for working.  A small bookshelf unit was placed on top of  the table  so the entire unit  functions as a secretary/hutch.(Below)


Below is the "before" picture of the area that Lynn used for her office. She used a desk + a folding table; she has projects that need to be spread out. 


We moved the bookcase from the other side of this room to this space, removed a couple of shelves of books, and added the TV. This became the focal point of the family area. (below)



 "New" family area - check out the "found" chair!

The white door opens to a game closet, which is a nice plus for this family area.

There a little nook in this room, that is just the right size for the loveseat.  This vista of the loveseat in the nook is the view that is seen as one first looks into this room, or in passing to other rooms in the hall - this nook is what is seen.  Lynn had told us that its important to her that this particular view look neat - since she sees it so many times a day.


Here is that view BEFORE:


And here it is, AFTER:





Lynn had shown us a white, metal box with a hinged lid that was a great piece of memorabilia that had meaning to her, and told us she would be thrilled if we  could find a spot for it. she would be really happy.  We repurposed it as an end-table, and filled it with DVDs, since the TV is now in this room, don’t you know.  (below)



Furniture in place, art hung, accessories added. Pillows arranged, throw on back of loveseat, Oh! we hear guests arriving!

Candles lit.

Turn on lamps.

One last look around.

Show Time!

We greeted Lynn’s Digs Reveal Party guests in her living room, with a quick recap of what Lynn & Justin were hoping for in the space.  We had before pictures on the laptop.  Then, with Lynn entering first, we all went into the new Digs….It was a hit!

As we all visited and munched on incredible Butternut Squash Layer Cake, Trish and I were especially gratified to see Lynn’s and Justin’s friends and family drawn into the new space:  kids on the area rug, playing a game.  A couple of tween girls hovered over the laptop in the office area.  A mom nursing her babe on the loveseat, visiting and laughing with two other ladies plopped in those “cool Ikea chairs” (with the freshly laundered canvases.. thanks Lynn, how did you know?)

Ahhh….Trish and I ask ourselves: Should we really be having this much fun?


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