Original Art Makes This Room!

Great Digs on a Dime makeover recently!  Trish and I were a bit nervous about it – a reporter was coming to write about it all!  What if  the room didn’t turn out well?  What if we couldn’t get it done in the hour limit that the “Digs on a Dime” option utilizes?  What if the client wasn’t happy with the room?  On and on and on...

Architecturally, the room is very pretty.  It is off of the living room, vaulted ceilings, large palladium window, wood floors.  The family uses it for computer use, sewing, and book storage.  The request of the client was to make it a more inviting and welcoming space, taking the space from a room that was utilitarian, to a room they would really love hanging out in – and “please add a comfy chair! 

The “before” room included: Computer desk,  two six-foot bookcases, a sewing storage cabinet and a table with 4 chairs; the table is also  used for sewing.(below)  The great plus:  The family has some beautiful framed art – with the artists being the client and her children!  We couldn’t wait to do something striking with this art. 






This was a “Digs on a Dime” package, which gives Trish and I  only one hour to work magic, while the client and party guests yak and eat and drink in the kitchen.

Time to get busy: Unused area rug brought up from basement, lending some needed color, pattern and warmth to the room.  Comfy chair that swivels and reclines brought from basement.  A couple of lamps brought from - you guessed it - the basement.  Wood dining table changed out with antique painted table from  – ahem – the basement.  Bookcases  angled in corners, flanking the focal-point window.  The client had emptied the bookcases prior to our arrival, and she wanted to fill them back up herself, thus the empty bookcases in the “after” pic (below).




The greatest “new” feature of the complete room is the art, hands down. (below)).  We grouped the pieces in a collage – together they make an awesome impact -some hung on the wall, some resting, layered, on a console table.






The space turned out beautifully, and the family was very happy with it. (above) What contributed to this “Digs on a Dime”‘s success was the client having the room well prepared for us:  Books removed from shelves and clutter cleared.  This allowed the most bang-for-the-buck with our one hour time allotment.

And, the reporter liked it too! :)  (You can read the article in L Magazine here!)


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