Be Our Guest

Recently, Trish and returned to a client’s  home to set up a guest room.  This upstairs bedroom had been previously used as one of their children’s bedroom, but the family did some shuffling around of rooms, and this space was now designated as the new guest room. 

The family wanted something that could also be a crashing place for one of their college daughters; she occasionally will be returning home for short stays. And, not to let the room set idle, the family would like to use this space as a spot to pop in and maybe read, or find a quiet place to work on a project. 

Below is the “before”. The room contained a white desk, black office chair, a chaise (you can sit a bit of it on the right) and a dresser. Oh,  and it has pretty curtains! 


There isn’t necessarily a problem with the furniture placement in the “before” picture, (above) but Trish and I wanted to get the maximum mileage out of the soothing country view from the window.  Instead of a bed, we had a beautiful chaise lounge to work with.  After a variety of placements, we decided upon angling the chaise out from the corner, so the person lounging can gaze dreamily out the window.  ( below, afterPerfect! 


Next up: a bedside table was needed.  Several were available to us, however they were too large, considering the angled- out- of -the-corner placement we chose for the chaise. Shopping the house, we found the ideally-sized wicker end table on the porch.  The scale is just right beside the chaise. (above) The  bright white nicely balances a white desk that is positioned on the opposite wall.

Completing the look in the sleeping area is a floor lamp (shopped from another room) sitting in the empty corner space created by the angled placement of the chaise, a model ship that was already in the room, oodles of lucious throw pillows (found in the linen closet) and a white throw, casually tossed across the end of the chaise (linen closet find, also).  What an inviting spot this is! 

Turning our attention to the other side of the room, we had yet to place a dresser and a desk/chair. Below is the “before”:


Trish and I  angled  the dresser in the corner.   Something tall was needed to fill the space atop the dresser - shopping the house provided us with a plant that does double duty; it fills the space and gives that nice punch of living nature. (below). The desk was placed, and the desk chair swapped out with another room for a smaller version.  A soft and understated grey throw over the chair completes the look. (below)


And what about that beautiful painting hanging over the desk?” (below)


  An original portrait, done by a family member of a baby (now a grown woman) in the loving arms of her great-grandmother.  The homeowners had set this portrait out for us, with the hope that it may be able to be used “somewhere”.  Trish and I fell in love with it, and the soft blue of the wall color compliments the hues of the painting smashingly.

The peaceful blue walls, the inviting chaise filled with mounds of pillows, the rolling country view, and the three bright pops of white (bedside table, throw, and desk) makes one great combo.


Hurray for a finished guest room!  Any friends and family that recognize these people – the welcome mat is out and your room is ready!


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