From Bedroom to Dressing Room, Part II


The project is done!

It has been completed for a week or so now, but we had to wait until Jesscia (the soon-to-be-bride) came home on Spring Break to see it.   She has seen it, loves it, so now I share the pictures with you!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, bring yourself up to speed here. (Or, the short version: Extra bedroom repurposed as dressing room/walk-in closet).


afterdesk.jpg  Entry.jpg 

The beautiful and functional room is complete with double hanging rods, shelves for shoes, shelves for folded clothes and decorative bins for storage, vanity with large mirror, and a bench for sitting. All it needs is  STUFF (like clothes, shoes, etc).

Ready for your tour???                                                                 

One of our favorite features: Two five-shelf units, placed side by side (actually screwed together) create a clever entry, concealing hanging clothes from passers-by in the hallway.  Instead, they see this (above, right).  Curtain panels were added to the back of the units. 
(Great deal on the units – Westlake on clearance for $13/each! )

 Two 5-shelf units placed perpendicular to the wall create both an entry (behind the shelves) and a nook for hanging clothes (front of shelves)



The “shelf side” creates a nice little nook for hanging clothes, where double rods were placed. The shelves will be used for shoes; and the decorative rods were found for 75% off, due to scratches/dents on the ends (which were cut off anyway!)


Nook for hanging clothes 



See the little bench under the window? (above, right) It is an antique piano bench, a craigslist find.  The  wood parts were painted silver, and the top recovered.

bench1.jpg  bench2.jpg

Next is the wall that will house shelving. Drew planned, built and painted these shelves to best accomodate the things they want to store there (clothes). He purchased brown bins at Bed, Bath & Beyond and has 10 of them. Folded clothing will go on the shelves, and the shelves will be used in place of a dresser.







Before (left)  empty corner.  After (right) shelves, bins, laundry hamper, and pretty curtains!


Moving on to the vanity area.  This transormed space has some really great trash to treasure features!  Read on.

What do you think of this craigslist desk?  Very sturdy and solid, lots of storage for cosmetics, hair stuff, etc.  The bottom two drawers on the right side are actually one large drawer, perfect for larger items.  But the desk needed some love….and here it comes.



Yes, it's the same desk! 











Drew treated the base of the desk to a coat of glossy white paint, and painted the top surface a rich, charcoal gray. He sprayed the sweet pulls silver.(before, below 



Notice the cute bench under the vanity. We had completed the project, but were in need of a chair or bench.  The chairs we had in mind covered up so much of the vanity; we wanted something simpler.   We had a  little red end table that we thought just might work.  Drew chopped off a bit of the legs, it got a quick coat of charcoal gray paint, and with leftover fabric from covering the piano bench and an old pillow for padding, it was transformed to the perfect seat for the vanity!




In conclusion, the bedroom to dressing room/closet was a great success.  It scored lots of brownie points for Drew.

So Drew and Jessica will wed in June, Jesscia will move into the cute little brick house, and the new dressing room will be full!





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