Digs on a Dime in the Bedroom

Trish and I arrived at our Digs on a Dime job (that’s the one-hour party special) expecting to do a basement family room.  This client wanted the one-hour makeover, sans the party.

Upon arrival and meeting the beautiful, young, and bubbly Mrs. B for the first time,  we found that the basement family room makeover wasn’t a sure thing – she was  was trying to decide between that room, and the master bedroom. She showed us both rooms – but ultimately, indeed,  it was to be her decision.  So she decided:  The Master Bedroom it is!

Already nicely arranged and pleasing to the eye, the bedroom looked pretty good to begin with.  (before, below:)


 So, why was Mrs B so eager to give this room a makeover? Two main reasons:

Reason #1) The room contained two tall dressers:  a Mr. B dresser, and a Mrs. B dresser.  The Mr. B’s  dresser was the first place for the eye to rest upon entering the room, and of the two dressers in the room, this particular one was the least visually appealing to Mrs. B.. (she really didn’t care for it’s looks).  Mr. B likes to empty his pockets on his dresser top at night, and as we all know, we don’t need all the same stuff in our pockets the next day, so the accumulation grows.  This accumulation of pocket stuff only intensified Mrs. B’s desire to have that dresser relocated in the room.

Reason #2) Mrs. B was looking for a change – a fresh new look – a rearranged master bedroom! Two good reasons for the Dress Your Digs Team to get to work!  Trish and I were ready!

After showing us where we could shop in the house, Mrs. B disappeared to the basement to watch some TV. The clock began ticking! (remember – this is the one hour special!

A quick evaluation of the room:

1. Windows on two adjacent walls, the third wall has a door to the closet, the fourth wall the entry door.

2. The TV needed to stay remain in the same location, but any other furniture moves were fair game.

3. Very pretty, chocolate colored lush draperies, and beautiful, creamy bedding and pillows.

4. Incredible piece of colorful, abstract art on canvas, stretching horizontally the full length of the wall.  The bed was centered under this piece.

And with all of that in mind, here’s what Trish and I did:

We moved the bed from under the long art piece, (partially visible,below)  and centered it under the window on an adjacent wall. (below). The chocolate draperies act as a headboard, framing the bed.  The bed aims conveniently right towards the TV.



We placed Mr. B’s  dresser across from the bed, with the TV perched on top. (below). This mid-century piece  is not Mrs. B’s favorite and she had requested that it be relocated in the room. This move fixed that.  And by the way, Trish and I LOVED this dresser, the very one that Mrs. B dislikes!



We placed Mrs.B’s dresser on the wall adjacent to her side of the bed. (below) You can catch a little glimpse of the dramatic piece of art that stretches the entire length of the wall, infusing a huge pop of personality into this room.



We switched out nightstands from other parts of the house, and found/switched two lamps from shopping the house. (Found a nightstand for Mr. B that has a drawer, perhaps he'll empty his pockets in it?)



The goals were met of  ”giving the room a new look”, placing the least favorite dresser in a spot that is not as conspicuous, keeping the TV in a good spot for watching from bed. 

The bonus was: creating “his” and “her” sides of the room, (via dressers) coinciding with their respective sides of the bed.  Also, hiding the DVDs, creating a space to house the pocket stuff that was usually on the dresser top, and giving  the room a more “grown-up” look by switching out the bedside tables and adding lamps.


One hour had passed, Trish and I had finished, and we called the client back into the room.  And she loved it!  ’Twas sixty minutes well spent!







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