Little Girl's Room Fit for a Princess

Trish and I were pretty excited for this one…a sweet girl’s 10th Birthday Party!

How fun would this be – giggling little ladies, fresh smiles, eager anticipation of The Reveal?

But, alas, the illness of a little sister necessitated her mother saying “Sorry, no guests!

But, the Digs on a Dime Party went on – with immediate family, grandma, an aunt and a cousin. (Digs on a Dime = room makever in one hour)

Before beginning, Trish interviewed the birthday lady, Miss E.  We discovered that she is tired of her present colors (pink and lavender) and would love some blue and purple.  She needs a light beside her bed to read, she would really like to add a chair for reading, and needs to keep a big chunk of floor space available for playing.

Thank you, Miss E.  Now you all go do something else for an hour and we’ll get to work!

Before doing ANYTHING, we snapped our “before” pics:







Miss E’s mom had secretly picked up a few items for her daughter’s new bedroom look, so Trish and I smuggled those into the room.  We had 1) a teal-ish, round dorm chair 2) a purple shag throw rug 3) purple shelf bins for storage and 4) 2 turquoise sheer curtain panels.  Hurray!  These items will add in the colors Miss E likes, and now we have a reading chair!  Sounds as if this mom knows her girl.

First on the agenda was placing the bed.  We love the long, high window across one wall, and wanted to highlight it.  Here’s the long window wall, before:



We placed the bed horizontally centered under this window, with lots of pillows added for a daybed effect.  We replaced the ruffled valance with the sheer panels, pinning them back for a canopy-type effect.  Here’s the after:


Two identical bookshelves were angled on either side (one holding the requested reading lamp).  Left side:


Right side:

princess7.jpgThe other window side, before:


We removed the valance, and added tie backs, and in front of this window placed the round dorm-room chair that was a surprise add by mom: (Just a corner of the chair’s bright color is visible in the far left corner of this “after” pic:


Plenty of floor space was left open for floor playing.

And…we were done.

Let’s review Miss E’s request:

1) Tired of pink & lavender:  Sorry, we can’t change that.  But we DID add in the turquoise sheer curtain panels, a blue chair, purple shag rug, and purple storage bins on the shelving.  Enough of the colors she likes added and sprinkled around the room to give a new feel.  So…Check.

2) Lamp for reading by bed.  Check.

3) Plenty of floor space for playing. Check.

 Ready for the Reveal!  Happy 10th Birthday, Lovely Miss E!

(Trish and I even had some birthday cake.)

If your bedroom could use a new look – or maybe a young lady in your life would like this – contact us.


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