Master Bedroom Round #2

A few years back, we worked on the master bedroom for this family.  They were looking for relaxing, peaceful spaceAt Dress  Your Digs, we use the furniture and accessories that you already have - in new ways.  So we were working with what the client currently had.

Now, with their family growing, they have done some bedroom shuffling with kids' bedrooms, and the mom and dad decided to trade rooms with their daughter.  (Don't worry - the daughter got a nice, big room, and is excited to share with  her little sis!) The big pull for this "new" master bedroom is the huge, walk-in closet.  But this room also has sort of a "suite" feel to it; a little sitting area upon entering, then beyond that, a space for the king-sized bed.

Here's the "before".  This photo is taken from the door.  You can see the partial walls coming out from either side, dividing the two parts of the "suite."  The bed was originally oriented against one of the side walls of the second section.


We decided to go with a very balanced, symmetrical look, thus placing the bed dead-center of the back wall.  Then, a small bookshelf on either side of the partial, dividing walls: (Both bookshelves were already in the room)


 Here is the left side of the sitting area, before.  The toddler bed needed to stay in the room, and you will see we thought it's original location best in the end. 


Here it the same spot, after: 


Here is the right side of the sitting area, before:


The right side, after:


Sitting area, before:


We moved the bookshelf from "before" to the partial, dividing wall, for the symmetrical effect.  We brought a side table from the second section of the suite in to place beside the chair.

Here is the "after":


The client had purchased a new valance that she asked us to hang above the window, which we did, and it seems we did not get a picture of it.  Darn!  Take my word for it:  It looked great. 

When we Dressed the Digs for the master bedroom several years ago for the first time (same family, same house, different room)  we found an area rug stashed under that stairs (and it matched perfectly) so we pulled it out for use in their master. So, it came along to this new master.

Also,  during our initial consultation first time around several years ago, we found two bulletin boards in their  home that were the same size - we suggested to the couple that they cover them with padding and fabric, and use them as a headboard. (Which they did.)  As you can see, they moved the "headboard" to the new room as well! (In the photo below, the boards are not yet attached to the wall - just perched on the bed)


Again, the final room:


At Dress Your Digs, we often help clients select new accessories, pieces of furniture.  But we truly believe that so much can be done with the things you already have, often all that is needed is a new set of eyes to see your everyday things in new ways. 

Give us a call and we will come and help you!


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