Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall - Now!

Another Master Bedroom to share with you.  Trish and I here at Dress Your Digs really love Master redesigns, because for most folks, their bedroom is the most neglected room in the house.  Everything gets dumped there, with the hope of “taking care of it later.”  And with the fast-paced lives that we all lead,  we  really need a peaceful, serene, beautiful spot to end our days. These clients didn’t necessarily have a “neglected” bedroom – they were just ready for some change.

We’ll give you a little tour of this Master Bedroom redesign.

The bed in this room needs to stay put, because the headboard is attached to the wall.   It’s made  from an antique door – and is really cool.  And it’s placed in the perfect spot: between two windows.  So bed-moving wasn’t an option, everyone was already happy with the bed.

The bed, BEFORE:





The art above the bed is switched out – the piece hanging there “before” is a favorite of  the clients, and for a change we moved it to a wall where they can see it from the bed. The two pieces we replaced it with were in the basement, unused.  Also we added some pillows for color from the guest room.  The curtains are pulled back (temporarily – fish line!) and if the client likes that look, she can use something a bit more upscale - unless, of course, they love the fish line...


Wall opposite the bed, BEFORE


For a change and to shake things up, we moved the dresser from this wall. And here’s what we replaced it with:


Yes, it’s the antique china cabinet from the sunroom! (click here to read that post)  We did several rooms at once in this client’s home, including their sunroom.  One of the goals of the client  was to add a new function to her sunroom- quilting.  So Trish and I wanted to clear some space in that room to add a piece of furniture that would store fabric.  Although this cabinet had looked beautiful in the sunroom,  we knew it could be a real star somewhere else.

We like the height it provides under the TV.  We put the photos that had previously been on the headboard ledge in the glass-fronted display shelves in this cabinet.  The wine glasses that were in here were left in the sunroom (which is next to the kitchen) and some of the other items previously stored here could be combined to free up storage in this cabinet for bedroom items. The chair was “found” shopping the hallway.

Something we have probably all noticed is that often when a piece of furniture has been in one spot for years, we hardly seem to take note of it.  But once we move it to a different spot, all of a sudden it seems to take on such new importance and admiration. We appreciate it more.  And this is even more so when we try it in a different room.

What about the dresser that was here in the before?  Here’s a reminder of the BEFORE:



We removed the attached mirror (with the client’s permission) and placed the newly-freed long dresser on another wall, which looked like this BEFORE:


And now, like this, AFTER:



The mirror will be placed on the wall that looked like this, BEFORE:


What about the the wicker storage shelving unit in the photo above?  Where did it go?  Why, in the foyer, of course.  And that’s a future blog post – we’ll keep you posted!

Why remove the mirror from the dresser?  For  a fresh, new look that is entirely free, that’s why!  It’s nothing dramatic, nothing permanent – just something different.  But it really does have a big impact.  We have done this in a number of master bedrooms (always with the client’s permission) and once that mirror is removed – the dresser sort of “comes alive”.  And the bonus is, there is now a big, nicely framed mirror to hang on another wall.

We hope this couple has sweet dreams in this room!


We would love to redesign YOUR master bedroom, using Your Stuff, Your Style! (of course) 

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