We Came For the Fun Stuff

New bedroom furniture.

Now that's a treat! 

We've worked with this client before, about a year ago (read the post here).  This time, it's her bedroom. And she had just bought brand new furniture.  It had been delivered, she had just moved her "stuff" into it,  and she was ready to hang some art, and talk over accesorizing and window treamtent.  The furniture was already placed in the best way possible for the room when we arrived, and she was happy with it, so we started right in talking about the icing on the cake. 

This client is especially fun to work with - she knows what she likes, has a lot of interests, and her accessories reflect that.  Together, the three of us (the client, Trish & I) worked our way through lamps (we did some trading with the guest room - and then did some shade-trading on top of that).  We rounded up art from around her home, we held things up and all decided together, and we pounded the nails.  So, here are the pics:



 Aren't these pretty lamps?  She had this  matching pair in the guest room - and now, they are in her bedroom!  Poor guests.



She may do some changing of the window treatments - we discussed options.






The client had picked out some pretty accent pillows (ruffled, with a pop of coral) and she showed them to us online while were there, we wholeheartedly approved, so she ordered them.  So, please picture them on the bed:


Thank you, KR, for having us back!  We consider  you a friend!


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