A Wonderful Testimonial Letter from a Satisfied Couple

We here at Dress Your Digs received this beautiful letter recently from a satisfied couple, now enjoying a  brand-new bedroom! (Using stuff they already had, of course!)

Dear Patsy and Trish,

What a transformation! We felt like we were walking into a new house at The Reveal.

As you know I received a gift certificate when you presented at Women In Touch, a large monthly Christian women’s gathering. Using this felt like a one shot deal and that I had much to prepare for your arrival. Each time we chatted on the phone you put me at ease. When you showed up, I realized I had put this project off WAY too long. You were both so fun and friendly. You really cared about making this our space.

Our bedroom feels like a retreat in the midst of much chaos and clutter of raising three boys. We can’t believe what a difference this one space has made to our family life. Even our boys feel drawn to the peace. Putting our marriage first by starting with the bedroom was a worthwhile choice!

The end result was just right for my husband and me. Your blog described it well, further confirming to me how well you listened and were able to make amazing things happen with the space. We had tried for years to do this on our own. Never came to completion and neither of us felt satisfied. Became a serious point of contention.

Now it is done. Beyond all expectation. looking nice and tweak as needed.

I am at home in my cozy space, surrounded by precious things that calm and comfort me. Have also come to appreciate the other side as well. The clean, straight lines and dark tones make an inviting area for writing or paying bills. My husband has enjoyed the entire space as well. He even placed a small basket on the dresser for his things.

During your fast and furious work, our family just sat and enjoyed each other. No agenda. No chores. That, in itself, was valuable. With pleasure, we observed your passion mixed with expertise. You knew what you are doing! You did it with class. We won’t forget how you stayed until you were satisfied, not just clock-watching for the money.

Thank you for the thorough follow-up by your personalized notes and phone check-ins. You’re running a great business with a lot of heart! Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. Here’s to many more adventures for you and your clients!


Janel and Jerry,  Happy Couple of the “Haven”

Thanks, you two!  We had a great time at your house, and we are super-happy that you love it so much.  And THANK YOU for taking the time to write this letter!

(If you would like to read the post about their redesign, it's right here.)

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