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Master Bedroom Round #2

We worked on the master bedroom for this family a few years ago, but they have shuffled bedrooms in the house and have moved the master to a different room, so, We're Back!

Make Way for Baby

A master bedroom gets prepped to add a third person to the mix - a baby! Small changes can make a big difference in this one hour redesign.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall - Now!

A master bedroom redesign - mirror is removed from attached dresser for a fresh new look, and a china cabinet moved to the bedroom!
Another Master Bedroom to share with you.  Trish and I here at Dress Your Digs really love Master redesigns, because for most folks, their bedroom is the most neglected room in th…

Teaser: Befores

Someone is soon to have an Ultimate Digs (4 rooms) Redesign/Makeover, and these are the "before" pics. We'll use the things they already have!
Country roads, rolling hills,  a perfect sunny, autumn morning.  The drive to this client’s home was beautiful!  Of course we love all of our consultations, because we love di…


Master Bedroom makeover - using frames to balance uncentered window.

A Wonderful Testimonial Letter from a Satisfied Couple

A couple who had a master bedroom makeover, using the things they already have, write a letter of satisfaction.
We here at Dress Your Digs received this beautiful letter recently from a satisfied couple, now enjoying a  brand-new bedroom! (Using stuff they already had, of course!) Dear P…

He Side/She Side

He likes a clean, unclutter area - with empty dresser tops - she likes a cozy, surround- me- with -pictures- and things- I- love feeling. And they want a Master Bedroom Redesign!
It seems Trish and I have been doing lots of bedroom makeovers lately.  With everyone’s hectic schedules and ultra-busy lives, we are all realizing that a calm, relaxing bedroom c…

Digs on a Dime in the Bedroom

A one hour makeover on a master bedroom, using existing furniture and accessories.
Trish and I arrived at our Digs on a Dime job (that’s the one-hour party special) expecting to do a basement family room.  This client wanted the one-hour makeover, sans the party…