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We Came For the Fun Stuff

This client purchased and arranged new bedroom furniture - then called us to come and help her accessorize, hang art, discuss window treatments. The icing on the cake!

Little Girl's Room Fit for a Princess

A ten-year old girl's bedroom gets a one-hour makeover redesign for a fun birthday present, using her existing furniture and accessories.
Trish and I were pretty excited for this one…a sweet girl’s 10th Birthday Party! How fun would this be – giggling little ladies, fresh smiles, eager anticipation of The Reveal? …

Be Our Guest

An extra bedroom is transformed into a comfy guest room and a space for family members to stop in for some quiet time — when there are no guests.
Recently, Trish and returned to a client’s  home to set up a guest room.  This upstairs bedroom had been previously used as one of their children’s bedroom, but the family did som…

From Bedroom to Dressing Room, Part I

A spare bedroom is transformed into a master closet, very economically. A small, spare bedroom in a rental house is transformed into a master bedroom closet, very economically.
Put yourself in Drew’s place: He’s twenty-something, nice guy, nice job, cute little brick 50′s ranch (smallish house, two smallish bedrooms.) (And even smaller closets) We…