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Brick, Leather, Wicker & a Lake

A living room with lots of leather furniture and dark brick gets a makeover by rearranging, and shopping the rest of the house. Amazing view of a recreational lake!

Antiques - Yes! Museum - No!

She loves antiques, but likes them mixed with newer things. A redesign of a living room, using the things she already owns.
“I like antiques, but I do NOT want to live in a museum!” She has a lot of beautiful antique pieces (furnishings and accessories) but likes them mixed in with newer items. She…

Teaser: Befores

Someone is soon to have an Ultimate Digs (4 rooms) Redesign/Makeover, and these are the "before" pics. We'll use the things they already have!
Country roads, rolling hills,  a perfect sunny, autumn morning.  The drive to this client’s home was beautiful!  Of course we love all of our consultations, because we love di…

Sometimes It's Just Fun to Change Things Up!

She would like to add some fun elements, and have a different look in this redesign of a living and dining spaces - using the things she already owns!
Trish & I were off to consult with a client planning to have us do a Dream Digs Makeover.  We were to do her living and dining areas, which were in an L-shape. It is always fu…

A Pulled-Together Look

No floating furniture! This is the client's request. A living room redesign, keeping this in mind.
Nice, big Living Room shake up! Here’s the deal: - Chippendale Sofa - Piano - Highboy turned armoire - Some side tables - A pair of wing-backs (no, make that two pai…

Nice Kudo

What began as our meeting with a client to give tips on where to hang her art - ended in a redesign of her living room - with her help! And her painter complimented our work!

Repurposing Adds Living Space

Repurposing an unused formal dining space as a family computer area, and repurposing an unused living room as a formal dining space has made sense for this family!

Unusual Shopping Items

What? A table top used as wall art? A living/dining/kitchen makeover, using the client's existing items.
While Trish and I  were working on a living room/dining room job recently, we found some items while we were “shopping” in the client’s family room that really made the living/din…

What Does a Digs on a Dime Look Like?

A one hour makeover of a living room, using the client's existing furniture and accessories.
Trish and I did a “Digs on a Dime” party last week.  This is the short version of the Dream Digs, or the express option. How does it work? The party was hosted by Mrs. P, at …

The Living Room of Many Hats

A living room needs to function as a home office, seating, and piano playing.
The living room of Anne and Allen wears many hats, one might say:   It is the space that visitors are first welcomed into, thus needs to    look “nice” with the usual livi…

It's All My Stuff! - Rearranged

A makeover of living, dining, and foyer - using existing furniture and accessories.
We’re  back at Fran’s and Tim’s (remember them?) This is how the room looked before: (below) A couple of things to note:  See the  tall TV cabinet between  the two windows?…