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Good Day Sunshine!

A sunroom makes a function change (oh yes, the sun remains the same...) from sitting area to quilting space. Still a great place for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!
It’s a sunroom! (The last time I wrote a post about a sunroom, I used the title to another Beatles song, right here.   Something about Beatles songs and sunrooms, I don’t know…)…

Teaser: Befores

Someone is soon to have an Ultimate Digs (4 rooms) Redesign/Makeover, and these are the "before" pics. We'll use the things they already have!
Country roads, rolling hills,  a perfect sunny, autumn morning.  The drive to this client’s home was beautiful!  Of course we love all of our consultations, because we love di…

Here Comes the Sun!

Two huge dog crates need to be worked into the redesign of this beautiful sunrooml And they look fabulous!
Or, Here Comes the SUNROOM to be more precise! Large, beautiful room, filled with glorious light from the plentiful windows.  TV viewing happens here, an occasional look up on a …