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Good Day Sunshine!

A sunroom makes a function change (oh yes, the sun remains the same...) from sitting area to quilting space. Still a great place for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!
It’s a sunroom! (The last time I wrote a post about a sunroom, I used the title to another Beatles song, right here.   Something about Beatles songs and sunrooms, I don’t know…)…

Bonus Room Indeed!

A bonus room over the garage becomes a space to exercise, scrapbook, and relax.
Last week,  Trish and I returned to the home of some previous clients. We had Dressed Their Main Floor Digs last year.  This time around, we worked on two rooms on the second floo…

This House is a Home, Part I

Office space, TV viewing, hanging out - all in one room that has been everything from a bedroom to a homeschool room during it's rich history.

This House is Home, Part II

Part II: The makeover of a small family room that will house office space, TV viewing, and family time.