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A Pulled-Together Look

No floating furniture! This is the client's request. A living room redesign, keeping this in mind.
Nice, big Living Room shake up! Here’s the deal: - Chippendale Sofa - Piano - Highboy turned armoire - Some side tables - A pair of wing-backs (no, make that two pai…

Family-Friendly Family Room

An already super family room becomes more functional! Furniture pulled in for good conversations, game table set up by board games, incredible family photo wall collage.

What Does a Digs on a Dime Look Like?

A one hour makeover of a living room, using the client's existing furniture and accessories.
Trish and I did a “Digs on a Dime” party last week.  This is the short version of the Dream Digs, or the express option. How does it work? The party was hosted by Mrs. P, at …