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It's Our Two-Year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Dress Your Digs! What have we done in the last two years?

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall - Now!

A master bedroom redesign - mirror is removed from attached dresser for a fresh new look, and a china cabinet moved to the bedroom!
Another Master Bedroom to share with you.  Trish and I here at Dress Your Digs really love Master redesigns, because for most folks, their bedroom is the most neglected room in th…

Good Day Sunshine!

A sunroom makes a function change (oh yes, the sun remains the same...) from sitting area to quilting space. Still a great place for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!
It’s a sunroom! (The last time I wrote a post about a sunroom, I used the title to another Beatles song, right here.   Something about Beatles songs and sunrooms, I don’t know…)…

Antiques - Yes! Museum - No!

She loves antiques, but likes them mixed with newer things. A redesign of a living room, using the things she already owns.
“I like antiques, but I do NOT want to live in a museum!” She has a lot of beautiful antique pieces (furnishings and accessories) but likes them mixed in with newer items. She…

Will She, or Won't She? (Paint, That Is)

Consultation with a client planning a makeover - using the things she already has - and she is considering painting before the makeover.
Last night, Trish and I had a consultation with a client who is having us do a “Dream Digs” on three rooms of her main floor spaces:  Living, Room, Dining Room, and Foyer.  The th…

Settle Down and Settle In!

We recently had a fun one-hour appointment with someone who had just moved into a (new-to-them) house. This is a busy young family with young children, and another on the way. Someone had purchased for them a Dress Your Digs Gift Certificate, good for…
We recently had a fun one-hour appointment with someone who had just moved into a  (new-to-them) house.  This is a busy young family with young children, and another on the way.  …

Sometimes It's Just Fun to Change Things Up!

She would like to add some fun elements, and have a different look in this redesign of a living and dining spaces - using the things she already owns!
Trish & I were off to consult with a client planning to have us do a Dream Digs Makeover.  We were to do her living and dining areas, which were in an L-shape. It is always fu…

Little Girl's Room Fit for a Princess

A ten-year old girl's bedroom gets a one-hour makeover redesign for a fun birthday present, using her existing furniture and accessories.
Trish and I were pretty excited for this one…a sweet girl’s 10th Birthday Party! How fun would this be – giggling little ladies, fresh smiles, eager anticipation of The Reveal? …

He Side/She Side

He likes a clean, unclutter area - with empty dresser tops - she likes a cozy, surround- me- with -pictures- and things- I- love feeling. And they want a Master Bedroom Redesign!
It seems Trish and I have been doing lots of bedroom makeovers lately.  With everyone’s hectic schedules and ultra-busy lives, we are all realizing that a calm, relaxing bedroom c…

Family-Friendly Family Room

An already super family room becomes more functional! Furniture pulled in for good conversations, game table set up by board games, incredible family photo wall collage.

Making a Grand Entry

A lovely foyer gets a welcoming redesign, with an upholstered chair adding softness to the space.

Nice Kudo

What began as our meeting with a client to give tips on where to hang her art - ended in a redesign of her living room - with her help! And her painter complimented our work!

Repurposing Adds Living Space

Repurposing an unused formal dining space as a family computer area, and repurposing an unused living room as a formal dining space has made sense for this family!

Digs on a Dime in the Bedroom

A one hour makeover on a master bedroom, using existing furniture and accessories.
Trish and I arrived at our Digs on a Dime job (that’s the one-hour party special) expecting to do a basement family room.  This client wanted the one-hour makeover, sans the party…

Be Our Guest

An extra bedroom is transformed into a comfy guest room and a space for family members to stop in for some quiet time — when there are no guests.
Recently, Trish and returned to a client’s  home to set up a guest room.  This upstairs bedroom had been previously used as one of their children’s bedroom, but the family did som…

Bonus Room Indeed!

A bonus room over the garage becomes a space to exercise, scrapbook, and relax.
Last week,  Trish and I returned to the home of some previous clients. We had Dressed Their Main Floor Digs last year.  This time around, we worked on two rooms on the second floo…

Digs on a Dime - in the Kitchen!

A large family kitchen gets a shake-up in a one hour redesign. How many people have kitchens that you can “move furniture around” in? What does this kitchen look like?
Trish and I were looking forward to a recent Digs on a Dime job – especially since it was a kitchen! One of the options we offer is a Digs on a Dime, which is where the client …

As You Wish!

As You Wish is one of our pricing options; here are some of the ways we have worked with clients within that option.

Dress Your Digs Featured in L Magazine!

Dress Your Digs is featured in the August 2011 issue of L Magazine, Lincoln's Premiere Magazine.
Trish and I are super-excited… Dress Your Digs is featured in the August issue of L Magazine! Check it out!

Original Art Makes This Room!

This family has a number of talented artists, and displaying their work gave this room some serious personality.
Great Digs on a Dime makeover recently!  Trish and I were a bit nervous about it – a reporter was coming to write about it all!  What if  the room didn’t turn out well?  What if w…

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