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Make Way for Baby

A master bedroom gets prepped to add a third person to the mix - a baby! Small changes can make a big difference in this one hour redesign.

Little Girl's Room Fit for a Princess

A ten-year old girl's bedroom gets a one-hour makeover redesign for a fun birthday present, using her existing furniture and accessories.
Trish and I were pretty excited for this one…a sweet girl’s 10th Birthday Party! How fun would this be – giggling little ladies, fresh smiles, eager anticipation of The Reveal? …

Digs on a Dime in the Bedroom

A one hour makeover on a master bedroom, using existing furniture and accessories.
Trish and I arrived at our Digs on a Dime job (that’s the one-hour party special) expecting to do a basement family room.  This client wanted the one-hour makeover, sans the party…

Digs on a Dime - in the Kitchen!

A large family kitchen gets a shake-up in a one hour redesign. How many people have kitchens that you can “move furniture around” in? What does this kitchen look like?
Trish and I were looking forward to a recent Digs on a Dime job – especially since it was a kitchen! One of the options we offer is a Digs on a Dime, which is where the client …

Original Art Makes This Room!

This family has a number of talented artists, and displaying their work gave this room some serious personality.
Great Digs on a Dime makeover recently!  Trish and I were a bit nervous about it – a reporter was coming to write about it all!  What if  the room didn’t turn out well?  What if w…

What Does a Digs on a Dime Look Like?

A one hour makeover of a living room, using the client's existing furniture and accessories.
Trish and I did a “Digs on a Dime” party last week.  This is the short version of the Dream Digs, or the express option. How does it work? The party was hosted by Mrs. P, at …