It's All My Stuff! - Rearranged

We’re  back at Fran’s and Tim’s

(remember them?)

This is how the room looked before: (below)


A couple of things to note:  See the  tall TV cabinet between  the two windows?  You’ll be seeing that in another part of the room (the foyer, actually) later. The family wanted to move a larger TV into this room, but didn’t know where to place it (the TV they wanted to move in was too large for the cabinet). We noticed they had a buffet in their formal dining, with a tall back piece to display dishes.   It looked as if it would be a perfect spot to plop the TV, sans the tall back piece.We asked them if the top of the buffet could be removed – yes it could –  would they be so adventuresome as to try removing it and having the lower half of the buffet  moved into this space – they were game – and it ended up being the perfect place for the larger TV (right) hobbs-redesign-018-lightened-copy-e1293729640778-216x300.jpg

Before the buffet/large TV were brought in, a large and attractive old upright piano was in this space, and that was switched out with the buffet that currently holds the TV.  Now, the piano is in the formal dining, and Fran and Tim are considering making this an official “music room”….sounds like a future Digs Project!

Notice in the pic (above) that the  windows have no treatments, but there are rods, waiting expectantly, patiently…Fran and Tim went fabric shopping,  purchased fabric, told us how they envision it draped over the windows, and Trish and I did that during the Gig (pics later!)

And so, with the TV in place resting upon it’s newly-found buffet perch, (right) it was time to arrange furniture. We had two couches to work with, and so we arranged them across from each other, coffee table between.


 We brought in a dark wicker chair from the deck (left) which we felt added just the right touch, but more importantly, we thought Fran would love it.

Then Trish and I sat on the couches to be sure we could be comfy viewing the TV from those spots, and they checked out.

We still had a sofa table to use, and decided to place it between the two windows.  We draped the fabric that Fran and Tim had left for us (below, center) changed out a few accessories (the piece of art that was previously above the TV (very top pic) was replaced with curly willow branches (above, right) and the mirror between the two windows (below, right) came from the foyer.


 hobbs-redesign-018-lightened-copy-e1293731870856-300x264.jpg hobbs-redesign-018-lightened-copy-e1293731526277-192x300.jpg



The foyer looked like this when Trish and I came to Dress Their Digs ( lower right)

Certainly nothing wrong with it.  However,  in the makeover, we used the mirror (upper right)hobbs-redesign-0063-169x300.jpg in the living room (leaving a blank wall in the foyer)  and we still needed a home for the ex- TV cabinet (which was no longer needed for the TV) so we placed the cabinet in the foyer.  And it looks great! (below) It is a soaring-ceilinged spot simply begging for something tall.

Fran was particularly delighted with the TV cabinet in the foyer – unbeknownst to Trish & I, the family had been shopping for something to place in that very spot, and here they already had something that looks great and functions smartly!


This Reveal Party was a lot of fun, it was a beer/wine tasting party, with couples!  There were many little huddles of people discussing this or that, one in particular that I overheard which makes me smile as I type it:

Guest (to Fran).  ”This looks great!  What all did you buy?

Fran: “Nothing”!

Guest: “Well, where did you get all this stuff?”

Fran:  ”It was all here, mostly in this room, some from other parts of the house…”

Guest:  “Where did this cabinet come from?

Fran: “ It was right over there – with the TV in it!

Guest:  ”Wow, it looks so different!  Everything looks so different!”

Fran:  ”It’s all my stuff!”

Guest: ” Amazing!”








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