Family-Friendly Family Room

Beautiful home.

Incredible dark wood, wide trim.

Classic furniture.

Crazy-big family room.

Polished wood floors. Enormous area rug.

All the elements were there.

These folks just wanted a bit of help pulling it all together.

During our consultation, this family told us they hadn’t used their family room much at all until purchasing the area rug a few years back.  Now, they used the room, but it just didn’t feel right to them.  The seating furniture consists of a comfy and classic leather couch, a couple of club chairs to match, ottoman, coffee table, several end tables.  The family likes to play games, and  a round pub table with 4 chairs is used for that purpose.  Then, there are several miscellaneous things such as a couple of glass fronted storage units, aquarium.

Trish and I have a couple of favorite quotes from the consultation:

Us: (to wifeWhat do you not like about this room?”

Wife: “I really don’t like this couch pushed against this wall in this nook – it feels far apart from everything.”(below)



Us: (to husband, who had just entered the room“What do you really like about this room?”

Husband:  “I really like the couch against the wall there, in that nook.” (above)

OK.  We’ll try and figure that one out!

At the consultation, we asked if they had had considered curtains.  The four windows in the room had beautiful wood blinds, matching the woodwork.  Lots of wood going on here – curtains would soften the look.  The homeowner, being a seamstress, decided upon looking for some inexpensive off-the-shelf curtain panels, and inserting a wide band of fabric for a custom look:  if she had the time. (before the makeover day).  Well…she made the time, and the results are fabulous! (I liked them so well, I copied the idea myself in my own home - read about it here)

Makeover day came, Trish and I were full of excitement.  We knew we wanted to use the large seating pieces surrounding the coffee table. This would pull the couch out of it’s safe little nook against the wall  ….what was it he didn’t like about it pulled out?  Oh yes, it created a useless “hall” behind it, so we need to make it look useful!  This family has an amazing collection of family photos of all sizes.  A large collage was created to fill that empty space on the wall. (Below)The extra large photos really give this collection a smashing look.  ”Turning the corner”, the collage spreads across two walls. (Note the curtain panels stitched by the homeowner in the after pic, below)



We pulled the very large area rug down a bit, so it was no longer centered on the fireplace. (Below) This allowed one end of the room to become the “game area”, defined by the bare wood floor. (The rug became the defining piece for the seating area).  The game area consists of the game table and chairs, with two identical  glass-fronted cabinets placed side-by-side, giving the look of one, unified unit.  (Housing board games!)


Pulling furniture “in” to create a seating area does leave blank walls behind.  The collage mentioned here did a nice job of filling the wall.  Another way is to use bookcases.  One is fine, if you have two or three they look great pushed together.  Just decorate above with art, and a few tall/large pieces on the the top of the bookcase.


And so, this beautiful family room just became more family-friendly! 

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