Greetings From the Foyer

Recently, Trish and I did a redesign on a foyer.

In this particular home (in the beautiful countryside, I might add) the foyer is a long, rather wide hallway. And this is how it looks: (Or, how it looked when we arrived)


As you can see, there are two pieces of furniture in the foyer above (before). Trish and I decided right away that we would pare that down to one piece.  The antique chair was moved into  the laundry room down the hall. (By the way, it is the most incredible laundry room ever, and the chair is a super addition.) That left the dresser all alone in the foyer.  In the photo above, the dresser is on the left side.  Here is a better look at that dresser:


I just happened to totally fall in this love with this dresser - can't explain it, but I just did. Trish liked it just fine but I don't think she felt the same deep affection that I felt. Once the chair was removed, the foyer felt more spacious. However, we were still seeking a roomier feel for this space. We decided to switch out the dresser for another piece of furniture that wasn't quite as deep. Another motivation to switch it: I suspected the sweet dresser wasn't appreciated here in the foyer - where folks probably just walk past it without a thought. It needed a chance to show off a little. We moved it to a different room, where it could take center stage, and we'll show you it's new home-within-the-home at the end of this post!

So, with the chair gone, and the dresser gone, we had an empty foyer. Fortunately, we were doing three other rooms for this client - all in the same day - so we had the flexibility to shuffle things around like Musical Furniture.

Here's how it went: Or, in other words, "What We Tried That We Didn't Like Too Much":

We tried a table from the living room.  Beautiful table, perfect for a foyer in general, but  it stuck out too far. The foyer felt smushed.

Then, we tried this beautiful antique china cabinet, pictured here below, from the sunroom:

Thanel_sunroom_lightened.jpgThe fit was fine - it didn't stick out too far - but the height and dark wood made the rather smallish foyer seem claustorphobic. (However, the antique china cabinet DID find a new home within the home, in the BEDROOM, believe it or not, and you can read that post right here.)

So we did some more shopping in the house, searching for a piece that would work out just right for the foyer.. and BINGO when we hit the bedroom!  This low, creamy wooden/wicker storage unit would be perfect!


During our initial consultaion, the client had told us that this piece could be moved out during the redesign if we wanted to do that. It's light and airy - proportions are perfect for the foyer,  and the texture from the wicker adds a nice element. And here it is, in it's new spot in the foyer:

IMG_3818.JPGWe styled the surface of the newly moved piece with adding height in mind, and hung a piece of art that the clients really love - that was previously over the fireplace (if you want to read the post with the fireplace in it, here you go.) In the "before" pics, there had been a small rug at the door. We found a longer one in the basement - and that size seems to lenghten the space visually.


This piece will made a lovely surface to display seasonal decor, with plenty of room so it doesn't look crowded.

One more time:  The foyer, before:




We also worked on a small hall area, leading to the bedrooms. This is how it looked, before:

IMG_3592.JPGIMG_3592.JPG Isn't that corner chair just more than cute? Trish and I loved it! But, we decided to move it out, along with the table. The client had told us she didn't particularly care for the table there, so we moved it out. And the chair found a new home in the bedroom. (You can read that blog post here.)

So, how does this little hall look AFTER? (This is where the chair was, in the photo above)



We pulled a side table and lamp from the guest room to replace the corner chair, and added a collage of family photos.

The little console table that we moved out was replacaed with a small bench.  The thermostat was centered on the wall, so we kept the wall art simple for a clean, uncluttered look (below)


These clients were pleased with the results of their "new" digs!

And, as promised, here is where the sweet dresser found it's new home (if you want to read about it, here it is)


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