Making a Grand Entry

Most of us probably don’t give our foyers a great deal of thought.  Many of us don’t have official “foyers”, but we all have a space inside the front door that gives entry to our guests -it may open directly into the living room – but either way, it says SOMETHING as folks enter.  A message is given, one way or another.

We hope the message  is “Welcome!”

Trish and I recently Dressed Digs in a grand, soaring foyer.  Beautiful features abound in the flooring, woodwork, and staircase.  The clients had a low, marble-topped round table with a lamp in the foyer when we arrived.  They were looking to give the foyer a bit more punch.  And, of course, at Dress Your Digs we use the furniture and accessories that the client already has – pulling things in from other rooms where we’ve been given the “OK” to shop.

As Trish and I began, we had a few things in mind:

First of all, we wanted to add softness to the many hard surfaces in the space. (before, below) 


 Our solution was to bring  in an upholstered chair (below) from ”shopping the house”. 


 Placed beside the marble topped table already in the space, and adding an area rug under this new arrangement (rug was relocated from in front of the entry door… we found a different rug for that purpose elsewhere in the house), makes for a welcoming, cozy  sitting/reading spot.  It also provides seating for listening to baby grand piano recitals; the chair faces an entrance into a beautiful piano room. The lamp, a bit short, was raised by stacking books under it. (after: below, right)  Nice perk: The upholstered wingback adds some welcome  color!   And,  yes, the coloring looks very different in the before and after pictures – and yes, the wall, in reality, is exactly the same color in both photos.  The before was taking in daylight, the after via lamplight and candlelight.

Secondly, we wanted to draw the eye upward: The soaring foyer showcases the beautiful bannistered staircase, and we wanted to be sure this vista was enjoyed by all. Mission accomplished in a couple of ways:

Drawing Eye Upward #1) We placed a  fake ficus tree (found in shopping the house) on the second floor landing, visible from the foyerdrawing the eye upward. (below)  Don’t mind the fabric hanging from the ceiling on the landing – that was placed there while we did the makeover – to keep the “surprise” until the Reveal Party!:



Drawing the Eye Upward #2: Next, we focus on this corner (below, before): 


 We brought a bookcase (found in the basement), and added branches clipped (shopping the yard) into a tall vase. (actually the vase is an umbrella stand).  Stacked books add height. Books enliven a space in many ways: they add color, texture, and age.  (below)



With the addition of the wing chair and bookcase to the foyer, it is now a mini-library: lovely reading spot.

With all of the Big Stuff in place, it was time to look at  the Little Stuff. Previously, photos of the family’s children were on the stair landing wall.  The landing ends in a “T”, with half of the stairs coming into the foyer, and the other half leading to the kitchen.  The  photos were spaced on the wall of this landing area.  The photos weren’t large, and Trish and I thought they would have more impact grouped closer together. (Below, before)



   So we placed them in a corner of the foyer: (After, below:)



The foyer was done!  Using the client’s own things, relocated!

It says “Welcome!” to those entering through the front door.


And, even more importantly, it says “Welcome!” to those who live there.

Would you like a fresh look in your foyer?

Even if your front door opens right into your living room, and you have no “official” foyer, we can still create a welcoming spot!  Call us!



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