Antiques - Yes! Museum - No!

“I like antiques, but I do NOT want to live in a museum!”

She has a lot of beautiful antique pieces (furnishings and accessories) but likes them mixed in with newer items.

She likes pieces with meaning behind them.

She likes a bit of playfulness in her surroundings.

She would like to “lighten things up”.

She’s a quilter.

She does not like: ruffles and frills.

And the #1 Priority: Everything must be Dog-Friendly.

And so we learned from this fun client at our consultation (read the post here).

A living room makeover, here we go!

Living Room Before:


In the before photo, above: There are three matching brown leather pieces.  To fulfill the request of the client to “lighten up” the room, we removed the loveseat (it went to the basement). The loveseat is in the lower left of the above photo, the back of it is visible. The couch will be moved from in front of the windows.

After, below:


A green upholstered chair was brought in from a basement guest room, a round side table from the sunroom, and in the corner is an antique radio stand from basement storage; the client had told us she would really love to see it used upstairs.

Another “after”, below:


The hanging quilt was already in place and was to stay there.  We accessorized it with antique botanical prints (interesting story behind them – won’t tell it here!) and family photos. The chair was brought in from the sunroom, and the side lamp from the guest room.  The area rug was very recently purchased by the clients at HomeGoods (and YES! We now have one in Omaha!)



The mirror on the mantel (above) was in basement storage – and the client had told us she really liked it and would be happy to see it used.

Before, below: (note the trayed ceiling; at the consultation we mentioned how nice it would look painted, and they liked the suggestion, so we helped them choose a color, and you’ll notice in the after that they did it!)


After (below) (and I’ll be darned if that ceiling color doesn’t perfectly match the upholstered chair we found in the basement to use!)


Above: The blue sofa table with the two little stools tucked under won’t be blue for very long.  We brought it up from the basement storage; the client had told us she would love to see it used – but hates blue – and would paint it if we used it. So here it is, in it’s new spot, waiting for a paint job. (probably the green of the ceiling).

Another note regarding the photo above: The built-in entertainment center on the left is all the way to the ceiling, and gives a weighty feel to that corner, leaving the window on the other side of the fireplace feeling sort of wimpy.  We suggested ceiling to floor curtain panels at the sides of the windows, drawing in the color of the entertainment center – to give a nice balance to the entire wall.   I think this client will make that happen in the near future.


Trish and I spent the entire day at this house – other rooms received redesigns also, as you will most likely see in upcoming posts. At the reveal, this fun couple asked us to stay for a glass of wine to celebrate!  As tempted as we were – we tried very hard to remain professionals – we declined.

And so after I got home, I put my feet up and had a glass in honor of them!

Here’s to you, L and B!

(You can read about their sunroom redesign here, and their master bedroom redesign here.)

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