Brick, Leather, Wicker & a Lake

Recently we did a Dream Digs that was particularly lively. But what made this Dream Digs so lively?  Well, it was the Reveal Party!  More on that in a bit.


Dream Digs is one of the service options we offer; it includes an initial consultation, (separate day prior to the makeover) and then a makeover of one room, using items the client already has. I went for the initial consultation with  the client  a week or two before the actual makeover.  She showed me her living room, we talked about how it functions, what she likes and dislikes, what must stay, what could go, etc.  Keeping in mind that we "shop" the rest of the house, the client showed me around the rest of her home, and pointed out pieces of furniture or art that she espceially likes, I asked her lots of questions like, "how would you feel if this was moved to the living room, etc."  What this client really wanted was "something different" for her living room.  

 She was tired of how it was, and was ready for a change.  

We set the  date & time of the makeover and talked about the details of her Reveal Party.  On the given day, assistant extraordinaire Rachel and I would arrive at 10:00 am, and plan on finishing by the 1:00PM Reveal.  The  party guests would arrive at noon, and they would eat lunch while we finished up (keeping our makeover a surprise).

Rachel and I arrived at 10:00 am on the given day, vintage suitcase packed with supplies in hand.   (We had an scary interesting commuting experience involving a country road, mud, and a ditch. But we arrived just fine, all the same.)The client had hung sheets blocking off our work area, so we could work in secret  until the Reveal. Rachel and I rolled up our sleeves and got right to work plotting, planning, huffing, puffing, moving furniture (what would we do without furniture sliders?), running to other rooms, up and down the stairs.

As  noon rolled around, Rachel and I could clearly hear that the ladies were arriving, and having a wonderful, giggly time. We could hear lots of action on the other side of the sheet - food being set out, corks popping,  dishes clanking. These bunch of women are really good friends, and had been looking forward to this party, and to seeing their friend's new living room unveiled. 

And so, here is how we ended up: ("before" on top; "after" on bottom)


 We wanted to take advantage of the incredible view out the front windows - across the road is a huge, beautiful, recreational lake.  So the main pieces of furniture are arranged accordingly, so the view takes center stage.  

 Now, looking at the "before/after" below:


 The client had told us she was ready for the mirror above the fireplace to go. We found a beautiful, colorful original floral painting in another room in the house, and we loved the color it brought into the room, and the way the various colors in the brick were brought out by it.  The client had also told us she loves the mix of wicker and leather; thus we brought out a luscious, creamy wicker chair from a bedroom to lighten up the space.  The stereo equipment was moved to the corner on the raised area.  (We had decided this at the consultation, so that Mr. Client could move it himself, along with all of it's wires, before we arrived for the makeover.) We also found a creamy, furry rug in the guest room and brought it into this space - loving the texture mix of leather, wicker, brick - and now the fur!


In the picture below, you can see that gorgeous, huge front window with the incredible view of the lake. (Well, you can't see the lake in the picture, but, trust me, it is there.)  Also, to bring some more creamy white into the room, we moved a wicker trunk in from another room.


 And, another wall: 


The living room itself is a step down from the foyer.  The "before/after" below is immediately to one's left after taking the step "down" into the living room; the front door is visible on the far left of the photos: ("Before" on top, then "after")

1-Search_results_for_cvitak2.jpgI'm sorry the "before" is so dark. (You're suspecting me of trying to make the "before" look bad, so that the "after" looks better, aren't you?) The chair and ottoman looked great in their original spots, but we wanted them down in the conversation area - plus, the client had requested "something different" than what she already had.  The console table in the "after" actually unfolds to be a very large dining table. We tried the console table behind the sofa, behind the loveseat, and under the large picture windows - and it seemed to look best right here.


 The Reveal was promptly at 1:00.  Before actually showing them, we talked with the ladies about what Dress Your Digs is, and what we do.  We had a slide show running of our befores/afters that they could watch if they wanted.  We then talked about their friend (our client) and what she was looking for in her living room makeover.  Then, we walked down the hall, through the kitchen, and down came the concealing sheets! Reveal Parties are particularly fun because the client invites, of course, her friends and/or relatives who know that person's room very well already.  So they can really appreciate the difference. 


The client invited Rachel and I to eat some pizza now that it was all over, and we accepted - we were really hungry! (Even though we had brought sandwiches, we hadn't touched them- we never do- we are always under the gun for time.)

 As we ate and visited with the ladies, the conversation turned to the dining room (where we were sitting) and the client asked us a few questions and we offered some ideas, and we ended up make a few minor changes - with the friends/guests/ladies cheering us on and adding their two-cents worth.  It was really fun!


Some of our clients call us because their rooms aren't functioning well, or go unused.  Some call us because they don't like how the room looks. 

 But many call because they are just plain tired of it, and ready for a change!


Dream Digs is just one of our service options.  Many clients like to actually work with us during the makeover, and we are happy to do this.  (This is our "As You Wish" option.)  Some folks aren't into the Reveal Party idea, and having one (or not) is totally up to the client.


Contact us if you are in the Lincoln, NE area - and are wondering how we can help you!

















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