Graduation Guests Coming!

It's Graduation Time, everyone!  

(Just in case  you didn't know).

And Lisa is getting ready.  She and her husband have a high school graduate ready to fly from the nest. Although the Grad Party won't be in their home, they are expecting a good amount of out-of-town guests that will be staying with them, so Lisa is getting her home in tip-top order.  And, she's a planning type of person - she asked for a Dress Your Digs Gift Certificate for Christmas  (this shows she is also smart!)and that's what her family got her.

Her plan was to save the Gift Certificate for this time - Graduation Time.

This time had come.

The time is now.

Trish and I were looking forward to working with Lisa again.  We first met when we  Dressed Her Digs about a year and a half ago (you can read about it here) She is alot of fun, and she knows what she likes.  The plan was to spend two hours together - the three of us - working mainly in the family room. (We hadn't worked in this room when we were there before.)  As Lisa told me when she booked the appointment, "You guys had it looking like a magazine last time you were here, so that's what I'm hoping for!"

Numero Uno on Lisa's list today was for us to style the shelves and mantel in the family room. She was already happy with the furniture arrangement, so no need to mess with that.  Well-prepared for our coming, she had gathered up various vases, candles, etc that could be used.  This tote is full of "goodies"!


The only thing Trish and I  asked her for were some books - which Lisa easily rounded up and brought in.  Books are a wonderful styling staple - they lend an aged, warm look, add color, interest.  Trish and I use them all the time stacked - to raise heights of items.

Here's the space, before:


  And here is the "after":

IMG_4712.JPGYou may notice that we moved the piece of art that was above the mantel over into the built-in shelves.  It added some visual interest there.

Here's a close-up of the short cabinet under the TV, "after":


Another "before"


And, "after":


When we were finished in the family room,  we had a little time left (her family had purchased a two- hour Gift Certificate)  So we headed to the basement.  In a quick 30 minutes the three of us rearranged the furniture - pulling the couch and loveseat in from the walls to form a conversation area,  adding a coffee table, still allowing great seats for TV viewing.  Lisa had some artifical greenery in large pots in a corner that she had been meaning to get rid of, so we pulled those out, and the corner was opened up.  Another corner appeared as a result of our re-arranging, allowing a perfect spot for another comfy chair.  And, as Lisa was showing us the store room (as we were hunting for art), there was a nice, chocolate brown recliner -  waiting patiently for it's moment to shine - and lickety-split we moved that chair into the seating area.  Looked great! 

 Two hours had zipped by.  Lisa's family room had a fresh, new polished look.  The basement had a cozy, "come sit down awhile " look.  We can get a lot done in two hours!  Sometimes we work with our clients, sometimes they prefer we do it without their help.  Either way is OK with us.

Do  you have a gathering coming up? Would you like a little help just pulling it all together for a fresh, polished look?

That's what we do!  Give us a call!



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