Living Room Looks Like Home

Such a pretty, new house.

These folks built this home and moved across the country within the last year and a half.  In the commotion of getting their house completed and dealing with the mechanics of a cross- country move, once their possessions were all in one place,  they undoubtedly breathed a sigh of relief.  Now, they were ready to make the living room feel like Home Sweet Home.  These folks had lived in their previous home for many years, and were ready to give this new house the same cozy feel.

And the icing on the cake?  They had received a Dress Your Digs Gift Certificate from their grown kids for a Christmas gift! So what's not to love?

So, shall we get right to the befores/after pictures?

Before: TV must stay on this wall, but can be moved to a different spot on this wall.

02-IMG_4158.JPGCouple of things to note in the BEFORE picture (above).  The beautiful rug is a bit small for the space. It would look nice in a different spot.  Also, see the unique coffee table (above)?  It was custom made by family members, out  of file cabinet drawers with special meaning.  And now, AFTER:


No, the wall wasn't painted - just the lighting, I guess.  (Same night - one hour later - I must have had some strange setting on the camera.)  So, what's different?  We  made a wall collage of their art pieces - considering the TV as a piece of the collage.  We took the area rug from the dining room and placed it here. (The idea here was to show the clients how a large rug would look in this area.  They may well choose to put the rug back in the dining room, but maybe not.)  We gave the low, custom made table "front and center" status.  It's beautiful!  We pointed out to the clients  that they could easily scoot the table  back over in place in front of the couch again - to use as a coffee table if that would work better for them.  And you'll also notice a little chair swith-a-roo.



We love the green chair above (did you know the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year is Emerald?) We will be switching the green chair out  for several reasons, one being that this "spot" is a favorite of the Mrs. Client, but she also reported that  this chair is not the most comfortable.  So let's give her a comfy chair already!  The fireplace styling will change, also in the AFTER:

09-IMG_4169.JPGThe wing chair is comfortable and it's larger scale works well, giving some visual weight to this particular spot.  We switched out the art above the mantel, using a piece that boasts  beautfiul, restful blues and greens setting the tone for the entire space.



Opposite the fireplace, is the couch, BEFORE:


When we arrived, the couch (above) was pushed to the right further, and the coffee table was directly in front of the couch.  We had already done a bit of furniture moving before we remembered to snap the BEFORE picture. And, here's the AFTER: 


Hey!  Where did that chair (above) come from? From right here (below, before:)


We pulled the patterned chair (above)  down closer to the couch (it's just a scoot to the right several feet).  The AFTER is below.(Check out the BEFORE above, you can see the circular rug under the dining table that we had our eye on..)

Here's the AFTER: (Yep - we took the rug)




Below, here's the other end of the couch, BEFORE:  (Below, you can spot the art that ended up hanging over the mantel.)





We hope this fine couple enjoys their "new" space.  They have a bunch of grandchildren that come over a lot, and we hope it works out well for them all!

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