Living Room Redesign: Colorful and Warm

A couple of years ago, Trish and I were asked to do a Dress Your Digs presentation for a womens' group at their regular monthly meeting.  Afer our talk, we did a visual - we dressed the digs of one of the lobbies of the building - using stuff we had brought from home.   To keep it real, Trish and I both brought random things, not telling each other what we were bringing - so it would be just the way it is when we go into  a client's  home to use the stuff they have for makeovers.  It was a fun presentation.   

We still get calls from ladies who were there, making appointments to get their digs dressed.

And, one of those ladies gave us a call last week.  She and her husband  had moved into their home about a year ago, and were working their way through a list of updates.  Eventually, new living room furniture would be on the list.  But, our client was tired of waiting "till everything was all done" to make it look nice.  So she decided to go with what she has currently, to make her home feel good in the meantime. 





The particulars of this room:  TV needed to stay on the wall it was on, with both the couch and one chair  oriented for good TV viewing.  

The  client's complaints:  She sensed one side of the room (the right side) felt much heavier than the other and that the entire house was going to tip that way! (In the "before" photo above, she's talking of the right side feeling heavy)

Her desires:  To have her collection of figurines  displayed in the living room, if possible.  To add accessories, to make the space more inviting.

She showed us the rooms where we could "shop" for accesories and furniture.   She was going to be home, so she would pop through to see how we were coming, answer questions about likes/dislkies, etc. 

So we started to Dress Those Digs. Knowing the TV had to stay in it's current spot, and the furniture opposite it, we had to find another way to compensate for the "heavy" feeling on one side of the room (the side with the furniture).  We had to beef up the "lighter" side.  We switched out the table the TV was on for a chunkier version, which had been used as a sofa table.  The new table had a shelf on the bottom, so when a basket, small trunk or something is added will add to the bulk. 

Here's the "after":


As you can see in the picture above, we added visual weight to the "light" side (left) by adding a leather wingback chair and ottoman (found in the basement).  This new addition, although a chair, didn't need to be oriented to the TV, just the couch and chair with ottoman had that requirement.  A colorful piece of art (found: lonely and forgotten in another room...) was added above the wingback. We were glad the client was around for this one:  we found the picture, loved the colors, and asked her about using it.  She was really amused!  She had never given the picture a second thought - it was actually in the house when they bought it, covering a bad spot on a wall. After realizing we were totally serious, she lightheartedly said "Sure!  Give it a try!" 

Here's the corner left of the fireplace, before:



 And, after: (Now doesn't that colorful fish  look happy swimming on the wall?)




 The right side of the fireplace, after: (Please note Trish and I were crazy about the round, colorful art on a stand - it is called "Leaving Santa Fe"and was given to our client by her co-workers when she moved from New Mexico)



 And, as you can see below, we added a glass cabinet (found in the basement) and arranged the collectibles in it:


 The other end of the room before:



 And, after:




We were done!  Let's see how we did on our checklist:

Room Particulars:  Yes, the couch and one chair remained oriented to TV viewing, and the TV stayed on the wall it needed to stay on.

Client's Complaints: Room felt "too heavy" on the side that furniture need to stay on.  We addressed that by beefing up with visual bulk the "light" side - changing out the table the TV is on, and adding another chair and ottoman to the "light" side.

Client's Desires: Adding collectibles to the room - check!  Done.

We enjoyed working with this client, and having her input throughout the makeover.  Sometimes clients like to work alongside us, sometimes they like to sit back and watch and tell us what they do and do not like, and sometimes they leave home during the makeover - to be surprised at The Reveal.  (This is only after a detailed consultaion where Trish and I learn their likes/dislikes, hopes & dreams for the space, AND where we can shop in the house.)   Often friends are invited over for The Reveal Party - and that is a lot of fun.

Which way is our favorite way to Dress Your Digs?

 All of the above.



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