A Pulled-Together Look

Nice, big Living Room shake up!

Here’s the deal:

- Chippendale Sofa

- Piano

- Highboy turned armoire

- Some side tables

- A pair of wing-backs (no, make that two pair, no- make that three pair- yes, six wing-backs!)

Client’s Heart’s Desire: (Which we learned during initial consultation)

1. “Classy, pulled-together look.” (This, truly was #1 in her list of desires)

2. “No area rugs.” (She doesn’t like them for various reasons)

3. No floating furniture (Not her words, but my paraphrasing. Furniture should be against a wall, various reasons)

Since our client was adamant about wanting a “classy, pulled-together” look, we  asked her just what she meant about that.  We asked her to show us examples of things in her home of things that she really liked.  By her showing us various accessories, pieces of furniture, and certain vignettes, we were able to get a good handle on the looks she was yearning for.

So, for once, Trish and I did not drive to this job together on makeover day.  I arrived first and moved the furniture to the center of the room (in a gathered, mish-mash fashion)  so we could get a new look at the “edges.”  And when Trish arrived, she really thought she had arrived at the  Wing-backs Anonymous Convention.

All six of them were huddled together, plotting against us.

The Mauve Twinsthe Blue Twins, and the Green Twins.

They were scheming to get the better of us, but aha!  It didn’t work!  We paired them up, assigned them new posts in the living room, and their glory was renewed!

How ’bout some particulars?

The client told us this highboy was her favorite piece of furniture in the room.  (below, “before” photo)



She also told us she hated, really hated, this wall (before, below) And, this is probably the most prominent wall in the room.


So what’s a Digs Team to do?  Maybe take the client’s favorite piece of furniture, and place it on the wall she hates, to make it her new favorite wall?  Yes!  And the Stately Green Twins found new prominence, flanking the highboy. (below)


With the new favorite wall arranged,  (which moved the couch out of the way) we were able to move the Mauve Twins down a bit,  centering them more on the giant picture window:  The client had told us she did not want the window blocked, and we knew for certain she did not want the sofa placed there, but we were hoping the vignette of the two chairs+table would be OK….and it was!  Plus the Mauve Twins, being lightest in color, were the best bet for the window as a backdrop.


Here’s a shot showing the “new favorite wall” with the highboy newly placed, and the Mauve Twins are visible on the right:


The piano needed to be placed against an interior wall, so this gave us only two options.  We kept it on the wall it was on originally.  (Piano, before, below)


However we styled it with a balanced and orderly look. (a “classy, pulled-together look”!)  We placed a pair of matching lamps on it, and centered artwork between them.  The clients had asked for place of honor to display their old family bible (not just for display purposes, they read aloud from it regularly).  We placed the honored Family Bible atop a laced napkin, on the piano. (after, below)


As mentioned previously, the client had requested no Floating Furniture.  However, we did specifically ask her about a particular placement of the sofa, which would place it perpendicularly to a wall, and have it extend out.  She had OK’ed that idea, so that’s what we did:  In this photo, the left side is where the entry door comes into the living room, so a foyer is created by placing the sofa this way.  The Blue Twins found their new homes in this area.  One is beside the piano, the other is on a wall to right of the sofa (as you look at it in this photo.)


This living room makeover was done….time for the Reveal Party.  This client has a dear friend that spent all afternoon in the kitchen(while Trisha and I did the makeover) cooking for the party.  Clock was pressing close to Reveal Time.  Candles were lit, guests arrived (and were ushered through the garage and into the kitchen to avoid the front entry door).

It was time.  She LOVED it!  The guests loved it!  Trish and I explained to the guests what their friend had wanted in the makeover, and how we tried hard to  grant her wishes. As always, we explained our reasons for placing items where we did.  We always share what we considered (but did not do), or what we tried but didn’t like.  These tips are always helpful to the party goers – it may apply to a situation they have in their own homes.   These little tidbit ideas are also good for the client to tuck away – she may try some of those things on her own.

And then, it was time for the delicious food! (Great job, Ellen!)

Are you tired of the way your rooms look, but your budget says “no” to a complete re-do?  We would love to come and help you to fall in love with your home all over again  - for less than the  cost of a new sofa! You will be very pleased to see how great the things you already own can look!  

 Give us a call!


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