Sometimes It's Just Fun to Change Things Up!

Trish & I were off to consult with a client planning to have us do a Dream Digs Makeover.  We were to do her living and dining areas, which were in an L-shape. It is always fun for me to actually meet the folks I’ve been talking with on the phone – and so it was this time.  After exchanging pleasantries (is that a word?) we got down to business. The client showed us the spaces, told us how she uses them, showed us things from other rooms that we could use, told us her dreams for the space.  Things were working fine for her in the room, but she was ready for a change and to just try something new.  She was looking to add some color, and some playfulness.  After covering all of the bases, we parted company, with plans to return on Makeover Day. 

And so we did!  We began with the living room area.  here is a “before/after” shot of the same wall: (Before:)





 The entertainment center could only go one of two places: where it currently was, or where the couch was, on the opposite wall. You’ll see in the “after” shot that we switched them  – just so she would have something different.  The client was looking to add some color and some fun, and since she rents, she couldn’t paint, so she laid out lots of things for us to choose from so we added these  fun purple, ruffled pillows and a pink throw.  The stuffed dog on the couch was a “must be in the room somewhere” request.   The client has her favorite end of the couch, so we knew that wherever the couch may end up, we needed a side table and lamp at that particular end. Remember: Everything looks better on a tray! Thus we corralled the items on the table surface onto a tray, and added a beautiful, sculptural bowl holding remotes on the coffee table.  

 So, what about the opposite side of the room?

Here it is “before”:




Not a thing wrong here, but the client did request something different. So, as we told you before, we switched the couch and entertainment center.  Here it is “after”:



Oops! My camera finger was a bit over-eager and Trish is trying to sneak out of the picture. (She evidently thinks if she bends down we won’t notice her…)  We added height to the entertainment center, to carry the eye upward.  We added curtain panels (the client had put them out for us) to add the color she was hoping for, and the bit of playfulness.  The panels frame the area going into the bedrooms. Here’s another view, minus Trish:


On another wall of the room: ”Before” (below): loveseat under window, china cabinet, then table/chairs in eating area.


We really shook things up here: We moved the china cabinet to a different location (more on that soon) and we switched the table/chairs with the loveseat.  Yes, that’s what we did. Below are the results:


Why did we do this?  Well, the client told us she rarely used her table and chairs  for eating. We thought she may like it by her front window, centered, with a lamp for reading, projects, or paying bills.  Foks sitting at this table can easily be a part of the living room conversation. She also watches her young grandchildren regularly, and we thought it would be nice to create a little sitting area/family room type space off of the kitchen, by placing the loveseat this way (where the table/chairs were before).  Notice the “sofa table” is actually two identical end tables from the patio (rescued from the curb by the client) and will make a great play surface for the grandkids to set toys up on. Notice the china cabinet is gone?  We moved that, too.   (Previously, the china cabinet had been pretty much between two sets of windows – making lots of “high” things  and we wanted to break that up a bit.) Here is the new little family room/play area, (below), where the table/chairs were previously:


(above) This is the little space create (we are looking at if from the kitchen) and a bright rug (chosen by the client, is that fun and playful?!) was added.  Toys are to the right in the corner.

After: Here’s the table in front of the window (where  the loveseat previously was.)BELOW


And here is where the china cabinet moved to:


This client has a large collection of birds and bells, and so we left lots of available space in this cabinet, as well as in the entertainment center shelving, for her to set out her favorites. We added items to the top to draw the eye upward – don’t miss out on “up high” opportunities!

A few more "afters":




And that’s another evening in the life of the Dress Your Digs Team.  Contact us if you would like a new look in your living room…or any room!


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