5 Ways to Spruce Up YOUR Front Door

"Yes, Virginia, there are some simple ways that you can spruce up the ol' front door."

And here are 5 of them:


#1.  Paint

The absolute biggest impact for your time and dollars.  Nice DIY project!  Try a bold color that contrasts with your house exterior colors.

 Choose an accent color for your door!

 image found on Pinterest

#2. Hardware

Buy new hardware, or spray paint the hardware that you already have.  That's what the Petersiks did over at Young House Love:


 photo from YoungHouseLove (and tutorial on how they did it here)

3.  Flowers

Containers of luscious blooms can work wonders.  Remember, containers and urns can be painted to suit your desires (and your color scheme!) One striking option is to choose blooms all in the same color - what a statement:

southernlivingdoor.jpgvia Southern Living


4.  Doormat

This one, simple thing can make a huge differrence.  Express  your personality - all sorts of colors, prints, sayings, are available.  Another option to consider is an outdoor rug instead of a doormat; the larger scale can really give your door some presence.

Here's a lively and welcoming doormat:



image from Apartment Therapy

5.  Whimsy

Oh yes - that means just a spot of fun!  Anything from a cute little flower container (or maybe something sticking out of the container) or...

Jaunty house numbers, like these:

2855942.jpgimage found on Pinterest


Or...something lighted-hearted hanging on the door:

betterafter.jpg                                                                                         from Better After


Or...perhaps   a unique painted chair with an unexpected color pop:



                                                                                     Image from Pinterest

Try one - or try them all.

Trust me: if you jazz up your front door, you won't regret it.


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