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When I was a little girl, (in the 1960′s) my parents got a brand new bedroom set: Queen bed (Yes, queen!  That was  Big Stuff!), tall 5-drawer dresser, and double dresser with a mirror attached.  I remember my mom proudly explaining to me “It’s called Brasilia, named after a brand new city!”  That pretty much fascinated me at the time.

Fast forward about 45-50 years.

My mom still has a bedroom set called Brasilia.  Queen bed, tall 5-drawer dresser, and a double dresser base with mirror attached.


I was on Pinterest the other evening, and there was a picture of my mom’s dresser!  Wow, how curious I was.  And further investigation

was fascinating to me!

Broyhill created the Brasilia line in 1962.  There are entire websites and blogs devoted to this line…in some ways,  nearly a cult-like following!


“The signature lines and waves of Brasilia furniture was inspired by the distinct architecture of the city of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. The city of Brasilia was planned and developed between 1956 and 1960.  When viewed from above, the city’s shape resembles a plane or bird, which is mimicked on much of Broyhill’s fabric and tiles.  Most of the city’s architecture was a vision of a man named Oscar Niemeyer.  Some of his most notable works are the Palacio de Alvorada and the Cathedral of Brasilia.  These both feature clean lines and simple, modern design.”

And so, the architecture of Brasilia was the inspiration for the Broyhill line ofBrasilia furniture. First featured at the Seattle World’s Fair  in 1962 representing the city of Brasilia,  these unique pieces were created throughout the 1960′s in various forms.




It seems lots of folks are crazy about it and looking for particular pieces all over the place.  There are china cabinets, dining sets, coffee tables…you name it.

Retro Rennovation has some interesting things to say about this line of “mid-century” furniture.

So look at some of your “old stuff” with new eyes!  Either of these two pieces pictured would look fabulous in a living room, dining room, foyer.  If you can’t figure out what to do with your furniture call us We’ll help you to rethink what you have – and give it new life!



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