Get More From Your Door Up Front

Recently on our Dress Your Digs facebook page, I posted a picture of my house - along with a request for input on what color to paint the front door.

 I said "No reds, please - I've already done that twice before.  And, If you can't tell by the picture, my shutters are black."

You see, I have a thing for painting my front door.

I do it rather frequently - but not obsessively frequently.

Like every 2-3 years.

Because....few things that are so





give as much Bang-for-Your-Buck

as painting that old front door.

After I hit "post", I sat back and awaited the feedback. Sure 'nuff, it started rolling in: 

"Emerald green?


"I agree, black would be cool.  We have a tan house across the street from us with black shutters and a wrap around porch with a black door.  It looks awesome!"


"Wedgewood blue is always tasteful."

"Blue hues, and of course black as a neutral."

"I vote for black".

"Well your Baltimore realtor says black."

"I think something blue would pop better than black, since your shutters are black."

 "I vote for blue.  But that's coming from someone who has a blue house, blue countertops, blue car.  Yes, I love blue."


So, that's what everyone had to say.  Lots of great ideas.  But, did anyone suggest OKRA?

  • I don't think so. But, okra it is:
    This is how it looked before (below). (Please, never mind my kids on the roof, putting up Christmas lights, which is a perfectly natural thing to do in November, which is when this picture was taken.)
    One thing I hadn't ever given a second thought to:  How to paint the sidelights. (Do you know what sidelights are? They are the little panels with windows on either side of the front door.  Some doors have no sidelights, some have one, some have two).  When we built our house, I chose the front door color (burgandy at that time) and next thing I knew we had a burgandy front door, and burgandy sigelights.  Then I painted the door myself every few years, always painting them the same color as the door. Like this:
      But this time, I found myself cruising online, reading about painting front doors, and learned that lots of people consider the sidelights part of the door trim, and paint them accordingly (same color as trim).  Well, what do you know?  That's what I did, and I love it!
     I encourage you to consider painting your front door - it's not a big risk, takes only one quart of paint and about one hour.  What do you have to lose?  Teeny-tiny investment of time and money - if you don't like it, do it again!

    And, to all of you faithful facebook buds who threw in your two cents worth - thank you! I paint my front door often enough that I'll most likely use some of your suggestions next time around! 

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