Have You Ever Considered Curtains?

Confession from a person who continually suggests curtains to clients:

I don’t have curtains in my living room.

We’ve lived in our home nearly ten years – and no living room curtains.

We have blinds between the glass – so light and privacy are taken care of – but no curtains.

So, I took said to myself: (As I’ve often suggested to  Dress Your Digs clients)

“Have you ever considered curtains? They would add another dimension of color, texture, warmth….”

And so, I took my own advice and got on it already.

I found these curtina panels at Hancock Fabrics, marked down from $29.99/panel, to $10.00/panel:  Yay!!!




I liked the color.

I liked the texture.

I liked the price.

And, I liked that they actually had four matching panels – which is exactly what I needed.

I decided I wanted to add a panel of fabric horizontally, to give a sort of custom look.  I found a pretty dark, inky blue fabric that matches a color in my area rug.  I measured, cut, pinned, stitched. I even used the iron on glue stuff to hem them.  Disclaimer: Sewing is not my “thing”.  I was highly motivated, because by this stage of the game I was convinced that I really, really, truly, couldn’t live without curtains.

I wanted to use rods I already had – didn’t want to buy new ones.  So I did.  Not my first choice maybe – but they work just fine.



This illustration (above) shows how different a window can look when curtains are hung “high and wide”. The windows in the two drawings are exactly the same size, but how different their sizes appear to be, due to the way the curtains are hung! So I knew I would hang mine “high” (nearly to the ceiling) and “wide” (mostly on the outsides of the window frame, to give the illusion that the window is wider.)

I’m very pleased with the final product.  And I love the total cost:

Curtain panels 4 at $10 each = $40.00

Dark Blue Fabric                        $15.00

Total for Curtains:                       $55.00


Yes, the rod on the right one has a story….I will get the rod moved down closer to the fireplace.

Things aren’t perfect in the picture – if I had waited for that to happen, well, you know.

It’s just everyday life, with the added bonus of my new curtains!

They make the room feel warmer, richer, and a bit more stately.

Actually, a bit more finished.0291-225x300.jpg





And I thank this client for being my inspiration to try this!  (Thank you!)

Contact Dress Your Digs if you would like a  makeover in your spaces – using the furniture and accessories that you already have – for less than the cost of a new sofa!


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