It's Speed Staging, Baby!


What is a relatively simple, yet highly effective way to present your home to potential buyers in the best, possible light?

What is it called when two  home stagers work at break-neck speed, for two hours?


  What is Dress Your Digs'

 newest service option?


  It'sSpeed Staging, Baby!


No doubt, you've heard of staging.  Presenting your house for sale in all of it's glory.  Highlighting it's best features - down-playing it's least attractive features..  Making it appealing to the largest group of people possible.

Letting go of "It's MY home".

Instead, helping your house to sweetly sing, "I could be YOUR home!"

When offering a  house for sale, most homeowners benefit from another set of emotionally unattached eyes to look at their home objectively.  Eyes with experience in picking out emotional connection points for potential buyers. Eyes trained to look at the big picture: focal points, traffic patterns, just the right amount of furniture (too much furniture = "Gosh, this room is small"; and too little furniture= room seems cold and uninviting.)

And so, we introduce the  Dress Your Digs

version of staging:

 Speed Staging

 We were stagers before we began Dress Your Digs, so we know what we're doing.  We will come into  your home, and in two hours, do all that we can to present your home for sale in the best light possible - using your furniture, and your accessories.  The more prepared you are for us - the more we can accomplish (no clutter, easily accessible assortment of art, accessories, everything clean, etc.) Before we leave, we may even give you a few suggestions of things  to do on your own to maximize your home's potential.

And so here's the deal:

Speed Staging

2 stagers  - who know what they're doing

2 hours - working at break-neck speed


Would you like to see some photos from a home we staged recently? The owners had moved out, but brought back just enough things that we could use to stage it.

Wanting to draw attention to the pretty focal point of the fireplace in the large living room,  (below) we grouped a conversation area -  incorporating the fireplace.  An area rug grounds the grouping.



 Dining: (below) We suggested that the homeowners switch out the light fixture that had been in this space with this brass one (pictured below) from another part of the house.  This one is well-suited to this space and looks great over the dining table:


Hearth area off of kitchen (below). We asked the homeowners to hang some curtain panels (remember high & wide) to highlight this attractive niche.  The homeowners had console table that we could use in the niche, and it serves to draw attention to the fact that this would be a great space for a buffet or sideboard.  Adding a bar stool seems pretty "duh"and maybe a waste - but it's not.  Just seeing it there triggers images of family gathered in the space to potential buyers.


Master: (below) We used a mis-matched group of bedding that the homeowner had - mixing it up always looks good!  (By the way - the homewoner had matched bedding - we just chose to mix it up.) We needed a bed skirt, though (which we didn't have) so we used a couple of curtain panels instead!  Brought the ottoman that went with a chair up to the master - for the foot of the bed.  Asked homeowner to hang curtain panels in this niche also - just too good of a spot not to highlight!


Check out the windows in this master! (below)  Oh yes, the chaise had to go there - so potential buyers could picture themselves in that spot, relaxing after a long day, enjoying the gorgeous country view.  

10105158-48.jpgYes, the chaise in the master - poised to look out the huge span of windows - worked a bit too well.  The chaise was written in the purchase agreement - the buyers got it as well! 

Are you planning to put your home on the market soon?  Is it already for sale?  Are you interested in having the Dress  Your Digs Team spend a whirlwind two hours in your home?  


It's Speed Staging, Baby!

2 Stagers/2 hours/$200

Give us a call!










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