Not Your Usual Bedside Tables

Think quick:  What's beside your bed right now?

 Probably something with a horizontal surface - and on that surface a lamp, maybe a few books, magazines....typical fare.

We all know what bedside tables are.  But why not consider something different?  Either out of necessity (you don't own an actual table intended for this purpose) out of boredom (same old same old) or just to keep the creative juices fresh?

Consider some of these ideas that I found in webland:

From Southern Living, a wicker hamper.  Add a tray on the top for a hard surface to hold drinks, lamp, etc.  The added texture in a room would be fantastic!


 Another one from Southern Living:  An old trunk.  Again, adding a tray gives a nice, even, hard surface.  This trunk gives a  sense of age, depth and contrast to the room.



 I love the idea of stacking vintage suitcases. A plus is the ability to control the height.  The suitcases don't have to be a matched set, in fact they are more interesting if they are not.  Great hidden storage, too!  The thing to watch out for  is to get the suitcases that have straight sides -  Many of them have sides that angle in towards the top, and those don't stack well (obviously).  Trish and I each have big vintage suitcases filled with supplies that we take to all our Dress Your Digs jobs! (Kind of a random statement, I know, but we were on the topic of old suitcases) This picture is from



My goodness, it's a drum! (also from 



From we have an interesting sculptural shelving unit used as a bedside table:


 Good old chairs.  A chair is always a great bedside table - looks nice, has a flat surface, add sculptural interest.

 This picture from apartment therapy.



Using a dresser as a nightstand is almost always a good idea, also.  It's a good space saver. Trish and I use dressers frequently in bedroom redesigns - sometimes a bedside table just adds too much furniture to a small space, and if the dresser is the right height, why not use it?

This one from 


And this one from the Shabby Nest:



There you have it, some ideas about the topic of bedside tables, to spark your own creativity.

 Look around your house!  Try something new - it won't cost  you a thing!

Or, you can call us, and we will come and do it for you!  (If you would like to read our blog posts about bedrooms we have redesigned, click here.)


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