Both Trish and I have experience in staging homes for sale.  The purpose of staging a home is to highlight the selling points- the best features of a home - while minimalizing the not-so-great features.  Yes, appealing  to a wide range of potential buyers is the goal,  while at the same time,  presenting the home in such a way that a potential buyer can picture themselves actually living in the home is crucial.

And, statistics show that staging really does work!

 Staged homes sell faster.

The cost of staging is paid for by less time on the market.

Dress Your Digs is primarily a redesign team.  We help people make over their interior spaces using the things they already have. In redesign, we don't care about redesigning a home to appeal to a bunch of people - we want to appeal to the family who lives in it.  It's their home  - and that is who needs to love it.

So, Dress Your Digs is not necessarily a staging company. But, we are willing to stage a home for sale, and every now and then, we are asked.  We no longer have an inventory of goodies to add (accessories, furniture, etc) so in true Dress Your Digs fashion, we work with what the client already has. And, we do a darned good job! (Do you think it's OK if I say that???)

We recently did a staging.  The home was empty, and was ready to put on the  market - but the owners wanted to add a bit of furniture. So, we toured their current home to see what furniture and accessories we might "borrow" to move back to the "old"  home for staging.  We planned a "mini-stage" - just enough things placed in the home to suggest what it would be like to live in it.

Here are the results.

Living room:






 Kitchen/Hearth Room





 Master bedroom:





 Master bath:




And yes, the house sold in about four weeks.

Staging works!


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