From Bedroom to Dressing Room, Part I

Put yourself in Drew’s place:Drew.jpg

He’s twenty-something, nice guy, nice job, cute little brick 50′s ranch (smallish house, two smallish bedrooms.)

(And even smaller closets)

We are talking closets with a single door that opens, and the revealed space is a square approximately 3′ x 4′.

That is all well and good when you’re a bachelor with a guy-type wardrobe. 



But:  Drew is marrying Jessica in June, and that means Jessica will move into the cute little brick 50′s ranch/two smallish bedrooms/even smaller closets.

Jessica has a wardrobe that you would expect from a twenty-something girl – both closets combined MIGHT hold her shoes.

And so…Drew, wanting to make everything welcoming and ready for his bride, did what any respectable twenty-something engaged guy would do.  He started to wonder about where his bride would put all her stuff.  He even started to worry (and he’s not a worrying type of guy).  As the calendar months flipped by, he pondered the pros and cons of various plans: Build a closet in the laundry room?  Purchase a free-standing wardrobe for the extra bedroom?

And then, the idea was hatched:  The second bedroom would become a large, walk-in closet/dressing room.  It would be a lovely gift for his bride-to-be.

I know all about this story because Drew is my son.

It will be an exciting couple of weeks as he works on this transformation on his days off.  His sisters and I get to help him.

Stay tuned for the results! (You can read Part II here)


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