Bonus Room Indeed!

Last week,  Trish and I returned to the home of some previous clients. We had Dressed Their Main Floor Digs last year.  This time around, we worked on two rooms on the second floor. This post is about Room #1.

This family has a large room over their garage, often referred to as a “bonus room”. The family had been using it as a bedroom, but no more.  They wanted to turn it into a hangout room that would serve many functions: exercise, TV viewing, scrap-booking.

Trish and I met with the family several weeks previous to the makeover day for a consultation.  We learned of their dreams for the space, what functions it would employ, etc.  They had mounted a TV on the wall, and planned to bring the exercise equipment up from the basement, aimed right at the TV.  They had two large, over-sized chairs in the space, which they wanted to keep there.  And finally, they wanted to bring in an area for scrap-booking, as well as storage for the hobby.

Makeover day dawned, and we arrived bright and early. The family had plans for the morning, so with some last minute exchanges, they were off.  Trish and I began with a plan in mind. We knew we were creating three separate areas in the space: 1)exercise 2)relaxing 3)scrap-booking. Before, below:



The location of the exercise area was pretty well decided, based on the the location of the TV (left).  We positioned the two large exercise pieces in front of the TV, and noticed that when Trish stood on the treadmill, her head was uncomfortably close to the ceiling fan/light fixture (Trish is tall).  So, to be on the safe side, we arranged the equipment so that it cleared the ceiling fan and light fixture, and the family has the flexibility to move it more to the center of the room if they would like. (exercise area, after:)



 The “TV wall” was to remain blank.  The clients want to look for just the right art in the way of posters, inspirational sayings, etc that really motivate them while working out.  So, at their request, that wall was left empty.  The wall and window look a bit lonely in the after pics, (above) but will liven up when they find what strikes them. ( The family is also on the hunt for lively window treatments.) Trish and I moved a wooden trunk from the guest room closet, and placed it under the TV. (above) On the trunk, we placed baskets full of additional exercise helpers (weights, etc.) as well as a soothing candle, and an original blue/white swirly painting done by one of the kids of the family.


Next, the seating area. As mentioned,  there were two large, comfy chairs already in the room, which were to stay. (below, before)



 We placed them facing each other, and a small “coffee table” between them. (Uh, that is another story…we found it in the basement…).  The chairs, which are huge and the sort of chair that you just melt into, sit sideways in, etc. will work well for TV watching and lounging in.


(If you are a person that really tries to follow a description like this, the above picture was taken from the exercise part of the room.) We moved an area rug under this area to ground it.  A bright and cheery sunflower painting (done by one of the daughters in the family) was hung to balance the wall with the built-in shelves – (built-ins are not centered on the wall). The books in the built-in bookcase were re-arranged (we used the color system – grouped books by color). 

Scrap-booking area:  Cozy nook with double windows was the spot for this. Here's the before of the nook:


Desk already in the room – was placed under the windows.(below)



 There was a lovely, antique desk in the main floor dining room that the clients gave the “OK” on moving upstairs to the scrapbook nook – however there were some ridges in the wood that made grooves on the writing surface, and Trish and I didn’t think that was the greatest idea for scrap-booking.  So, practicality won over aesthetics…we used the desk that was already in the room. Bonus:  it had more storage, and was just a few inches longer. Shelving unit found in guest room moved into nook area and angled for “come on in” look.

Scrap-booking items moved into shelving unit, as well as into built- in shelving in the walls.  Bulletin board, white board, and calendar hung (homeowner had requested this). And remember:  window treatments to come in this space – including the double windows over the desk.  Finally, we knew an area rug was needed in the scrapbook nook to define the space – so we snitched a neutral colored area rug from under the dining room table.

We hope this family enjoys this new multi-purpose room; they have great hopes and dreams for it’s use! Maybe I would exercise, too, if it was just down the hall from my bedroom??? Or maybe I would scrapbook?  Naaa.




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