The Cottage: Part I

Ahh….The Cottage.

It belongs to a family in the Lincoln area. It is not their primary living residence – however it IS located on the same property as their home, and it was built in the 1930′s.  The Cottage has not been in use since this  family has owned the property, but boy have they dreamed! They have been saving/stashing “finds” for a long time, with the big SOMEDAY looming SOMEWHERE in the foggy future.

Well, SOMEDAY has arrived.

I will show you some pictures of The Cottage as it now is.  Keep in mind: it is currently used for storage:



The Cottage has knotty pine walls, beamed ceilings, a huge brick fireplace, and a kitchenette.  It has no interior walls (with the exception of a bathroom.)



It is soon to receive a new roof, different windows  (notice I didn’t say new windows, but different windows) and different entry doors.  All vintage.

And Trish and I have the very exciting privelage of working with the homeowners on this journey!  Stella, the homeowner, talked with us about this project over a year ago, told us about it, and said she would like us to come work with her with the time came.

The Time Has Come.

We had our first visit to The Cottage recently.  We learned that it will be used for family parties, movie nights, projects, and occasionally for overnight guests.  It is full of beautiful antiques (stored, not arranged… yet!).  They showed us more treasures to choose from in their garage.


We worked out a general floor plan in the large, open space: project area, sitting area, daybed area, kitchenette.

We shared ideas.

We got excited.

Stella loves the cabbage rose/chabby chic look.  She loves fabrics, especially good vintage fabrics.  She is now on the hunt for the “perfect” drapery panels – probably ceiling to floor, and most likely woven blinds.

Other things/ideas tossed around:

* painting or pickling the knotty pine walls

* ceiling ideas, for between the beams

* a banquette for the kitchen?

* removing lower doors on kitchen cupboards and replacing with fabric

Won’t this be fun?  We are so excited!

Stay tuned for more Cottage Updates as they happen!

Any spaces in your home need a lift?  Contact us and we will come to your rescue!


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