Deck Your Digs (fa la la la la....)

Preparations for Christmas should be filled with joyful anticipation.  What an event! But too often, getting out all of the decorations, putting them up - drags us down.   We all have so much to do - and this is just one more thing

What to do?

The Dress Your Digs Team is happy to announce:

 We will come to your home,

and do your Christmas decorating!

That's right, we will!

And, we are calling this service

Deck Your Digs.

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Get out your Christmas stuff, give us an idea of what  you want, and we'll get to it.  We will do your tree, mantel, shelves, whatever your little heart desires.  This is limited to mostly interior; however we can do an exterior doorway - things like that.

If you know us, you know the Dress Your Digs Motto:

Your Stuff, Your Style

and that goes for Christmas decor as well.  We will ask you about the  type of things you like - and very likely come up with new uses for your regular old stuff.  While we are decorating,we may ask  you for some random things like a pretty bowl, or a pitcher or vase, some fabric, candles, linens - you just never know what we'll come up with for ideas.  


Our prices to Deck Your Digs:

(or, in other words,

decorate for Christmas!)

$100 for the first hour,

and $75 for each consecutive hour.

Call or contact us now to book us to

Deck Your Digs!

(fa la la la la....)




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