February Work

This time of year is sort of a transition time in our homes, isn't it?

Christmas things are all put away in plastic totes in our basements, storage rooms, or attics. We've grown weary of our snowmen smiling smugly at us, perched up on their mantel roosts or top-of-the-piano playgrounds. 

Yet, it seems a little forward to get out the perky, fake spring flowers and wreaths.

So, what are we to do, here in late February?

According to our Dress Your Digs calls, folks are busy with home decor projects that they may have had in mind for awhile, but have put on the back-burner. Things like hanging pictures on the walls.  Family photo collages, wall art purchased or aquired at one time or another but standing against a wall in the basement.  

Also, things like re-styling the mantel, end tables, shelves. (What is styling? Arranging accessories, knick-knacks, etc)

In the instance below, the clients had art from a calendar that they wanted placed in frames and arranged over the mantel.  They had the art and empty frames ready to go for us, and we were glad to oblige. We also did the styling on the mantel and hearth:



Very often, clients want a wall collage of family photos.  They may have empty frames to fill, they may have frames already filled with photos that they hope to switch out, and - very often - a nice, big plastic bin full of loose photos.  Sound familiar?

Many times, we hang their empty frames within the collage - then, they know what size photos they need to find/enlarge (or whatever) to fit into the frames. Like this:


During the last few weeks, we have hung art, shopped for frames, curtain rods, lamp shades.  We've given tips on purchasing curtains, furniture arrangements, wall color. We've helped clients develop a plan of attack when they hope to update a room by purchasing a few odds and ends.  It is really fun to get that text message with a picture from a proud client who just purchased curtains or a lamp.  We at Dress Your Digs totally and completely love seeing folks happy with their home spaces, and that most usually includes putting their own personal stamp on it.  We can help you do that!

In some cases, the simplest change can make such a difference to a client. In one recent home, the client had assembled all of her unused wall art in one spot, so that Rachel and I could choose from them as we were adding art to the walls.  We chose a small, original, painted piece that we thought was just lovely for the foyer.  Simple, clean, pretty.  When the clients arrived home - they were pleased to see it there - and we discovered the client had painted it herself, in a class with her mother, and therefore it had real meaning to her. Isn't it pretty?


 On a follow-up phone conversation, she again mentioned how they enjoy that painting there.  Not knowing the clients held any special affection for the painting, we had chosen it out of several options because we liked it there.  It is the first "welcome" to those entering through the front door of their home.

So, what are YOU doing in February? Give us a call; we would love to come and help you!


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