Framed: Again

This is the story of a client with a big, emtpy living room wall to fill.

 (See it below, the left wall, lonely, isn't it?)

And it had to be stately - it's a cathedral ceiling-ed wall.


 Another view, below: (Can't miss the big, ghost-like looking blob, can you?  This is my unskilled and  unfortunate attempt at disguising a person standing there. Try to forget it and look at the empty wall.)


And this client, Mrs. K, was willing to spend some money to get the look she wanted - but didn't really want to go all out with spending money.

She was, however, willing to put some real elbow grease into the project.

As we discussed options, Mrs. K mentioned she likes the look of empty frames on a wall.

Voila! I knew all of those hours spent on Pinterest would come in handy one day. I whipped open my Pinterst board, named, cleverly, "Empty Frames" and Mrs K, along with Mr. K, looked over the possibilities.  They decided upon one that they both liked.  And here is the inspiration piece:


                                                                                  From Living With Lindsay

(Thus, the name of this post:  "Framed: Again".  Why, "again", you ask?  Because  Trish and I have created a wall of frames before, in a master bedroom, and you can read about it here.)

So, we came up with a plan.  We agreed that we were looking for frames in a variety of shapes and styles - color was of no import.  They would be painted anyway.

 A few days later, I was at an estate sale.  I found a nice bunch of framed art, reasonably priced.  I took my chances and waited, with the plan to return the following afternoon - when everything goes half price.  I was able to land a nice assortment of art, mis-matched for sure.

Here is the stash, in my garage.



And, trying it out based on our inspiration example:

Soon after, I had an appointment back at the home of Mrs. K.  She had gathered up unused frames, and art to dismantle around her own home, to add to the collection. We got busy dismantling the art - removing the glass, mat, and art. That wasn't exactly a walk in the park. It involved screwdrivers, needle-nosed pliers, and a lot of sweat... yes, it was a hot day in Lincoln, Nebraska.

 We then layed the frames out on the living room floor.  We were going for a 3D effect, similar to the example they liked.  But as we laid them out, the realization hit that the installation of the frames would really be a challenge - with the many varying depths from the wall.  So, we decided to arrange them flat - not overlapping. (No, we didn't chicken out, we simply changed our minds...)

It didn't take us terribly long to figure out what we liked.  We planned it around a console table that would be against that wall, as well as a lamp. The lamp would be "framed" by the frame on the lower right. The mirror on the lowest row is added to shake things up a bit!  Notice a frame on the left hanging lower than the rest - imagine the console table along the bottom of these frames, and that lowest frame just to the left of the table. 


Mrs. K was planning a makeover in her living room, and was going for pops of orange and yellow.  So we decided the majority of the frames would be painted black, five would be painted yellow, and the inside rim of one painted orange.  She marked them with little tags (to remember what colors to paint) and we gathered them up.

It was just a few days later - Mrs. K had them all painted, and hung!  And here they are:



Before: (Hello again, Mr. Ghosty Person)








We are glad to work alongside our clients (as in this project.) We love to shop and can scout around for just the right items for you.  Give us a call if we can help you Dress Your Digs!


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