Who was framed?

The owners of this master bedroom, that’s who!

It all started in the usual way: Clients desiring a master bedroom makeover – using all of the things they already own. They had freshly painted the room (or, their lovely daughters had freshly painted the room!) an energizing blue, along with crisp white trim, when Trish and I came for our initial consultation.   As you might expect, the room holds a bed, a long dresser with attached mirror, and two bedside tables.

They had the bed placed under a set of high windows – perfect spot for it.  The only trouble was, the long dresser placed on the opposite wall left a fairly narrow walkway between – and these folks had a headboard and footboard stored in the basement that they wanted to put back on the bed.  This would really make the clearance for walking small.

In talking with the client, I asked her:  “Would you be disappointed if the bed was in this same spot after the makeover?” And her reply, after a pause to consider, she replied, “Yes.”  So we  knew we needed to move the bed.

We asked the usual questions at the consultation: What do you like about the room, why do you NOT like, what works, what doesn’t work, which things MUST remain as furniture/art/accessories, which things are optional.  Where can we “shop” in your home?  Do you have an area rug we could use?  Oh, just a patio rug you say?…..perfect!  Can we see it?  Can we use it?  etc.

So, Trish and I mulled over our options for bed placement during our travel time after the consultation.  We knew the bed needed to be moved, because the client wanted a different look. What were our options?

Wall #1 BELOW:  (The bed is on this wall, before). Great spot for the bed, with two exceptions: When headboard and footboard are added, it is too tight of a squeeze between foot of bed and dresser, and knowing the client wanted the bed moved was a big reason not to keep it here!



Wall #2, before, below:  This is the wall opposite the bed. The new placement of the bed could go here, but then the same problem would occur with clearance at the foot of the bed.



Wall #3: before;  The closet, and entry to the master bath.  No place for any furniture here!



Wall #4, before, below: There is enough space here, but what about that window?  The headboard would cover a bit of the window, and wouldn’t it look pretty strange to have the window over to the side like that?  Too imbalanced…



But, we knew we pretty much needed Wall #4 (above) for the new placement of the bed.

But...What about that window?

One good option would be to add curtains over most of the wall,  giving the illusion of a long bank of windows, and only open the ones covering the actual window.  BUT, we work with what the client already has – and she didn’t happen to have a big, wide set of curtains hanging around doing nothing.

So, we asked her to gather up all of the frames she could find.

Empty.  No glass. Style of frame?  Who cares.  Size? Color?  No matter.  Just frames.

For makeover day, we asked her to have her kids on “stand by”, available to paint; ready with their can of leftover paint from the white trim.  When Trish and I decided we would go for the frame idea for sure,  we  had a little mini-consult with the client to get her OK  – and  So the kids painted the unrelated gathering of frames, and Trish and I worked on the makeover – saving the frames for last (while they dried.)

And here is the before wall:



And the after wall:



If you can’t hide the window, why not highlight it, and make it part of a huge collage?

Note the dresser:  We removed the attached mirror (with the clients’ permission), and added the dresser as a footboard. You can see just a hint of the patio rug we added in front of the dresser – it created a nice balance, and added coziness.



The mirror that was removed from the dresser will be hung by the client, on the “left” wall of the picture above.  It will be exactly opposite the high windows and will reflect light beautifully in the room! 

The client had requested that we somehow display each of their daughters’ first pair of point ballet shoes (currently 3 pairs, but will be 4!) so we hung them vertically next to the closet, with space at the bottom for daughter #4 to add hers. (below)












C’mon now, you know you want to call us to come and Dress Your Digs!  Just do it!



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