Giving Away a Makeover to a Deserving Person!

We at Dress Your Digs have been celebrating during October - we've been in business for 3 years!  

And we need your help.

We are giving away a room makeover to one, lucky, deserving person. Someone who may have been hit a bit hard with life's challenges - that could really get a lift from a room makeover.  We need YOU to help us by considering submitting a name, or names of those you know - we need nominations!  It could be a family with financial challenges, a single mom, a single person.  It could be someone who is just really sick and tired of the living room, bedroom, dining room, basement - whatever - and is really getting down about it.


We need all of  you reading this (in the Lincoln, Nebraska area, that is!) to send us some names.  Tell us the person's name, where they live, and why you think they deserve a room makeover.  (The makeover will be using all of their current furnishing and accessories - and by shopping their other rooms, creating a fresh, new look.) 

Keep in mind:

1. It should be someone in the Lincoln area.

2. Send us their name, and why they deserve a makeover (doesn't have to be a long, fancy essay - just a few sentences with the  general idea is fine. We aren't choosing based on your eloquent words or dynamic writing style!)

3. The person's privacy will be respected: We won't announce a name, use photos, or blog about it (unless the winner would like us to)

4. If your person wins, we might ask YOU to help us with the job!

5. YES, you CAN nominate yourself!

6.  YES, you CAN nominate more than one person.

7.  We need to hear from you VERY SOON (By Wednesday, Ocbtober 16)

   Send us your nominations in one of these ways:

Through our website.


Email us:


Message us (privately) on our facebook page.

We hope to hear from you soon!



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