Good Day Sunshine!

It’s a sunroom!

(The last time I wrote a post about a sunroom, I used the title to another Beatles song, right here.   Something about Beatles songs and sunrooms, I don’t know…)

It’s hard not to envy folks who have a sunroom as part of their home, anyone agree with me?

This particular sunroom is right off of the kitchen.  You can see in the before photo (below) that it was set up well to begin with: Two antique, comfy chairs (reupholstered by the client)…


and an antique china cabinet:



Looks fine. However, this client was looking to change the function of the sunroom.  She’s a quilter (we Dressed Her Digs in her living room here) and she was interested in bringing a table into this sunroom to work on her projects.  She showed us an antique dropleaf table in the basement that she would like to use here.  Also, as we were touring her basement, she showed us a cupboard where she kept cuts of fabric – patiently waiting to be worked into a project. (Looking at all of that pretty fabric, I could just picture them saying “Pick me!  Pick me!”). We asked her if she would like to see that particular cupboard in the sunroom, and she responded that she would (if it worked out that way.)

So, when Trish and I got started on makeover day, we cleared out the upholstered chairs and round side table between them to make way for the drop leaf table and chairs.

Where did the antique chairs and round table move to?: One chair found a home in the living room redesign:



The round side table between the two chairs also found new digs in the living room redesign:


The other antique chair from the sunroom was taken to the basement.  These folks hope to finish their basement soon, and the rocker should work great in there.

So, how about before/after of the two-chair area of the sunroom?




After, with the table:


The drop leaf is perfect for the client’s needs – one leaf, or both, can be put up if needed to stretch out a project.  We added an area rug under the table, to define and warm up the area.  During our initial consultation, the client had shown us this rug in the basement, and told us she didn’t care for it at all. However, she said if an area rug would look good somewhere – she was very willing to buy a new one.  So, Trish and I placed this rug under the table as a “placeholder”.  The client could get the idea of how a rug looks in this space, and if she likes the look – she can get a rug she likes.  If she doesn’t like the look – she can remove the rug.  Or, who knows?  Maybe this particular rug will grow on her!

Trish and I really, really wanted to get the cupboard with fabric (that was in the basement) brought up into this space.  We knew this would serve the needs of this client, to have this handy.  And, it’s so inspirational!  All of the beautiful fabrics… The only way was to get the china cabinet out.  Hmm….we tried the china cabinet in the foyer (we were also doing a redesign on the foyer  and we just didn’t think it was a good fit for the foyer space.  So, we did something pretty wild and crazy with it, and you’ll have to wait until a future post to find out where it went!)

So, before and after of the wall.  Here’s the before:




We kept the wine rack accessible on top of the cupboard, as well as wine glasses from the china cabinet on the top shelf of this newly moved glass cabinet.  The lower shelves hold fabric, as well as the sewing machine.

There is one more, window-filled wall in the sunroom (it’s opposite the glass cupboard).  It was empty before.  Sorry, no photo.  We moved in a beautiful little antique, painted dresser.  It had been in the foyer previously.  We centered it on the wall:


This client has 3 identical antique stained glass windows that are very beautiful.  She was hoping Trish and I would suggest where to use them, and above this dresser (above) is what we suggested, hanging from the ceiling by chains.  (Too hard to explain our idea here without drawing a picture!)

I received an email from the client a day or two after this redesign, and she said this:

“I forgot to tell you that I wanted to do this, but I got motivated after you left.  I dug up my main cooking herbs from outside, thyme, chives, parsley, basil, & rosemary & planted in self-watering pots in this box.  Put on top of the black dresser in sunroom. ”

And she sent me a photo of what she described:


Can’t you just picture this on top of that beautiful black dresser, basking in the sunshine?

Yes, it is a Good Day, Sunshine!


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