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It seems Trish and I have been doing lots of bedroom makeovers lately.  With everyone’s hectic schedules and ultra-busy lives, we are all realizing that a calm, relaxing bedroom can really make a difference at the end of the day.  And remember, we use the things you already have, arranged in new ways keeping in mind balance, proportion, and function.  We can, truly, give your room a totally new look – and feel!

This couple was ready to transform their master bedroom into a haven.

Here is a “before” view of the window wall:


 Although you can see the corner of the bed in the picture above, here’s one “before” of the bed head-on:



Note in the “before” picture, the headboard is tall and dark.  That will be disappearing for several reasons (and yes, we received permission from the couple before removing their headboard!)

After asking the couple the usual questions such as

What do you like/love about this room?”

“What do you want to stay in the same?”

“What do you really NOT like about this room?”

“What is your style?  How would  you like this room to look?”

We learned that the room must include a home office, and the Mr. likes a clean, uncluttered look with cleared horizontal surfaces.  The Mrs. likes a cozy, wrap-around, things-that-are-special-to-me-should-be-nearby look.

We bid them farewell as the Mr. and Mrs. and their three boys retired to the living room. We were ready to begin! .

Headboard was the first thing to go, for two reasons:

1) It was dark, and one entire wall of the bedroom is double closets, all dark-stained wood.  We thought removing the headboard would lighten the feel)

2) We decided to place the bed under the double windows (and the headboard would have blocked the windows)

Why, you may ask, would you place the bed under the windows?

The double windows are dead center in the wall, and the bed would be nice and balanced and a beautiful focal point, centered under the windows.  Also, the room is then divided in half: The Mr. can have his horizontal surfaces clear and clean, and the Mrs. can have the cozy-collected-warm feeling she loves.

So the bed was moved, and we snitched the curtain panels from the boys’ bedroom.  We reversed the reversable comforter, and folded a handmade quilt (back side showing – beautiful, creamy color and texture – less busy, more calm and a pleasant change) across the end of the bed. (Tip: to change up  a look, use a quilt with the back side showing – creamy neutral)

  So you don't have to scroll up, here is the window wall, before:


And after:


(above) The Mr.’s side of the bed has the tall dresser.  We leaned a large mirror against the wall – he had done some sort of painting technique on the frame  and we thought it would be nice to use it. He is also an artist, and we leaned one of his pieces against the mirror.  Leaning pieces of art – whether on a dresser, mantel, foyer table – is a nice switch from hanging them. The bedroom needed to include a home office area with table and file cabinet, so we place the office area on the Mr.’s side.

Here is the wall, before (it held the bed)



And the same wall, after (strangely enough, the piece of art stayed in exactly the same spot!)


Now, moving on to the Mrs.’ side of the room.  Here is the “before” shot of that corner (use the window for a reference point: the bed is under that window in the “after” shot.) You can see, that in the “before”, this corner housed the home office.


The home office was moved to the opposite wall, and we created a cozy sitting area for the Mrs. Every piece in this entire room has a beautiful, sentimental, meaning attached to it.  This corner is loaded with the things that are special to the Mrs. Every piece of art, photo, the shawl, the rocker – have meaning.  And this is the cozy, surrounded feeling that she likes.


The room was done! 

Trish and I scurried about, lit candles for The Reveal, we snapped our pics, and then called them all in.  Mr. Mrs, three boys, and one set of parents came in and looked around with huge smiles, oohs, and aahhs.  This is the first job Dress Your Digs has done where the client has asked to take our pics, with them, in the finished room!  We were honored!

This is one of those special families that made an impact on us.  We are grateful to have worked with them.

(Some weeks later, we received this beautiful letter from the couple.)

What about you?  Is your bedroom just plain tired?  We would LOVE to come and give your  bedroom and brand-new look! 

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