Here Comes the Sun!

Or, Here Comes the SUNROOM to be more precise!

Large, beautiful room, filled with glorious light from the plentiful windows.  TV viewing happens here, an occasional look up on a computer happens here, and, the family’s two VERY LARGE dogs’ crates are kept here.  So, what’s not to love?  The client was pulling her hair out over this room.  Evidently it had become a dumping ground for all sorts of things, and (we all know how this works) before you know it – you can barely stand the room.

The client called us, told us what she needed, and we scheduled a time.  She wanted to work with us.  We would use things that she already had, and whip this room into shape!

Trish and I were surprised at the size of the room – in our mind’s we had pictured a much smaller sunroom.

So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Below, is a before shot:



The client had gathered all sorts of things into the room that we might choose from, hence the “all of the things are just plopped there” look of the space as the picture was shot (above). You can see the many great features already in place: dreamy windows with nice, woven blinds, lovely overstuffed and comfy furniture,  large, commanding mirror (attached to the wall), aged and rich tiled floors.

Here is the after (below) taken from the same spot:



 Beautiful, no? Same basic furniture arrangement with a few additions – from”shopping” the house: coffee table found in the basement, area rug found in the garage, pillows from the living room brought in to tie the pretty blue walls with the sunroom furniture.  You see on the far end, in front of the large mirror two tall bar stools, waiting for a high pub table the client is on the lookout for (Bar stools found in the basement.)

And, again: (after, below)



Remember the two huge dog crates?   Here is how they looked, before:


What to do about these?  The client had considered sewing a nice cover for them.  Yes, good idea. We considered a shelf for the top, yes, nice idea. Goodness yes, let’s try to disguise and hide them. But we did something totally different:  We HIGHLIGHTED the crates.  Yes, we did!  Shout it out: “We are dog people, we use this room, and our dogs use this room, and we celebrate this!  This is our home, we live here, we have dogs, and we are happy about it!”  So, with this idea in mind, we decided to make the crates look very intentional and purposeful.  We found an area rug in the garage, and angled the crates on top of it:  (after, below)


The stacked vintage suitcases (above) hold doggie supplies.

A “before” of the entire room, (below).  Dog crates are at the very back of the photo.


 A little closer view, after (below)



Another after, below. The antique fishing basket is full of dog toys.



Below is a before shot; specifically notice the white radiator tucked in the corner between the two open doors. (for your orientation, the dog crates are on the left side of this pic, out of view)



This is the way we styled the radiator: (below, after)


 The antique tray is quite special to the client; we hung it with velvet ribbon that she had on hand (we wanted to use the existing nail hole in the plaster wall, and it was a bit high for the tray as it was, thus we added the ribbon to lower the tray)  The wicker sewing basket nestled next to the radiator is full of dog leashes. (above and below, after)


Here’s a before shot of the seating area (below). And no, these fine folks didn’t really have this round table right in front of the couch – it was just plopped there in preparation for our coming.



After: (below)



As mentioned earlier, in the after shot (above) notice we found a coffee table (in their basement), we found an area rug (in the garage), added pillows from the living room and foyer bench (we wanted some pillows with blue, to tie in the wall color with the furniture).


We had a choice of several round tables to use as a side table, and decided upon an antique round, wicker. – we liked the textural element. (above) The floral container  holds remotes. Also note pillows brought in from the foyer – the blue ties in the blue walls of the sunroom.

Now, for the other end of the couch.  An antique game table was used as a side table (nice contrast to the circular wicker table on the other end); the candelabra adds height (perfect spot for a lamp – client may look for one).  Books were stacked to add character, and height. (after; below)


 Before: (below)


After: (below) 


The space also held a chic antique English library table, with a computer on top.  (before – below)  After questioning the client about the frequency of the computer’s use, and possible other functions the table served, it seemed that the computer was used very briefly several times a week, and the library table was a long horizontal surface usually piled with “stuff”. The printer could find a new home.



Another “before” shot of the library table. (below). The pine cabinet houses the TV.



We suggested trading the long library table for something smaller, and that particular spot would feel more spacious.  The client readily agreed, and had just the right table upstairs.  Here is the space, after: (below)


 Another shot of “after” (below) We stashed the printer that had been on the library table onto the bottom shelf of this pine cabinet, as well as a fax machine that was sitting out in the open.


 Another ”before” (below).  The door leads into the kitchen.  The gorgeous mirror leans against the wall and is attached for safety. The small window at the left looks onto the basement stairwell.



This is another radiator (below, before).  For vantage point, the tall, leaning mirror is on the left of the photo:


And “after”, below:


The client loves the idea of looking for a high, pub table to go with these two chairs we found in her basement.  Notice a quilt was added to the radiator to create a cozy window seat  – nice idea until the radiator needs to be in use!

 And, the sunroom was done.

And this family was very pleased with it!

We can give YOUR ROOMS new looks, too!  We have worked on every room from sunrooms to master bedrooms, and every in between.  Small apartments to huge houses.

And we work with YOUR STUFF, and YOUR STYLE! Call us!







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