This House is a Home, Part I

What a super-fun Dress Your Digs Gig:  Lynn and Justin. This  great couple and their six beautiful children live in a huge, old home  - rich with history.   The Digs they wanted Dressed was a room on their main floor.  Over the years, the space had been designated as a variety of rooms: master bedroom, family room, office, homeschool room.  It is the size of a large bedroom with a bump-out nook with windows, another nice big window, and a couple of closets storing board games and kids’ school papers.  Most recently it had been  used mostly as a  home office and sort of a catch-all.

In preparation for Dressing their Digs, Trish and I met with Lynn and Justin for a consultation.  The couple  expressed their desire to have the space return to a family room/office.  They wanted the TV moved from the living room to this room.  Lynn needed office space in the room; currently a folding table was serving as a desk. (below)


Along with  the necessity for a nice-sized horizontal work surface, Lynn had office storage in a small shelf unit, which needed to stay near the office work table.

Spending time talking with Lynn and Justin  during the consultation was very helpful to Trish and I.  This particular room is down a short hall, in the back of the house.  As Lynn zips through her busy days, moving from kitchen to dining room to living room, she passes this short hall, glancing into this room probably a gazillion times a day.  What she sees in these snippet glances matters to her:  She wants  this view to be clean, unobstructed, and pleasing to the eye.   So Trish and I knew that particular vista would be key to Lynn’s being happy with the room.

(below, before)


Regarding moving in the TV:  Justin assured us that we could place the TV either on the east or west wall, and that he would take care of the necessary wiring. So Trish and I  knew we had two options for TV placement.

Lighting was an  issue – the room has no overhead lighting, and two small lamps.  We would need to “shop” the house for available lighting.

After establishing needs/function/likes/dislikes, Lynn took us on a walking tour  of the house to scout out  our shopping possibilities.  Questions, questions questions! “Could we use this lamp?  What about this picture?  This end table?  Throw rug?

We made notes of artwork that shouldn’t be moved.  Kids’ rooms pretty much off- limits for our “shopping”.   Chair in the basement a possibility.

Then we hit the attic.  No ordinary attic here – this one is finished beautifully as a guest suite, and also used as a hangout by their teenage son. Score! Two Ikea chairs in front of the TV.  Their son was quick to say “You can take these two chairs – I never use them”.    Bonus: We also spotted a nice-sized table lamp up there – not even in use!  Goldmine.

Consultation complete, makeover date and time confirmed,  farewells to the family, excitement  all around for  the upcoming  Digs Day. As Trish and I drove home we made mental checklists of the whole thing:

- Create a family room which will draw the family in. Check. - Add TV. Check. - Add more seating, lighting, and an office area.  Check.

We couldn’t wait for Makeover Day!  We had one week to wait! (You can read Part II here.)




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