It's Our Two-Year Anniversary!

The idea had been brewing in my mind for some time:  A business that does home interior makeovers using things that one already has.001crop2.jpg  What could make more sense?   In this era of disposable everything, we need to learn to be more resourceful in using what we have in new ways.  I had been helping friends do this very thing for years, and have been doing it with my own stuff for as long as I could remember. ..and I knew furniture and accessories arranged and used in new ways could really,  truly, dramatically  transform a room. (that's me on the right)

54-Little_120_Crop.jpgAnd...I knew one person who changes her own furniture around as often as I do.  She's wildly creative, and has a great sense of design and style. She is also the one person who I knew would be great at this, would love doing it, and... could get along with me.  Yep, that would be Trish.(And that would be Trish on the left)

It was a fateful, Pampered Chef Couples' Party:  Labor Day, 2010. 

After the outstanding presentation and cooking demo, food and drink, and after we had dutifully placed our orders,  I cornered Trish as she changed her Little Ellie's diaper, and revealed my idea.  The rest is history.

We spent the next weeks talking, planning and plotting.   How to take all of these ideas and form them into a structure that makes sense?  And, what should we call this business?   Texts flew.  Trish finally hit on the winning name. Her text to me said  "Dress Your Digs?"   And YES that was it!  And our motto "Your Stuff, Your Style" says it all.  (Keep reading, we'll tell you the rest of the story)


Next, it was time to roll up our sleeves and try this thing out.  Could we find three guinea pigs  uh, willing people to let us try a redesign in their homes?  That was pretty easy to do.  These were successes:  the people loved their redesigned rooms, and Trish and I loved transforming them!

So we were in business.  As  Dress Your Digs we would redesign rooms, using the client's own things, and we would offer Reveal Parties as a fun part of the package.

In the last 2+ years, we've transformed many rooms for many clients.

(Click on the room names to read the blog post about the pictures)


We've done Living Rooms:


We've done Dining Rooms:



We've done Kitchens:


We've done Family Rooms:





And boy, have we done Bedrooms, Bedrooms and more Bedrooms!

As in...

Master Bedrooms



Guest Bedrooms:


and Kids' Bedrooms



We've done sunrooms:


We've even done an Exercise Room (complete with a little lounge area)



089.JPGOur vintage suitcases are packed with supplies, and ready for the next  job! Our clients choose between several service options (you can read about them here)  Some choose ourDream Digs  option, which includes a detailed consultation and client interview, as well as a thorough makeover.   Some choose our fast & furious Digs on a Dime, which is a one hour makeover.  A big part of the makeover fun is the Reveal Party, where friends and family are invited to join in the Big Reveal!


With our As You Wish  service option, the possibilities are endless.  The client calls the shots as to what Trish and I will do for them. Here are just a few of the ways clients have utilized our services in the "As You Wish" option:

  •   Touring the home with the owner, room by room,offering tips on each room for furniture arrangement and art placement
  •   Folks have had us over just to syle shelves, built-ins, and mantels
  •   We've been called upon to arrange and display collections
  •   We've often helped clients choose paint colors
  •   On the  move to a new residence - deciding where to put various furniture pieces, unpacking and styling accessories
  •   Consulting with a client about a beach house renovation
  •   Working with a client on a cottage renovation
  •   Sometime clients want to work alongside us, doing a room redesign together
  •   A "Friends & Family Makeover", where we've spearheaded and supervised a group of the client's friends and family in  spray    painting, recovering and sewing our way to a surprise room makeover for a teen
  •    We've even been sent to Goodwill with "Fun Money" to pick out accessories to warm up a vacant house for sale!

When we're not actually working, we like to talk about our work!  We love inspiring people to look at the things in their homes in new and creative ways.  Our topic?  Some variation on how to "Dress Your Own Digs"!

We have spoken to  groups  ranging from 5 ladies to 300 ladies.  Mothers' groups, church groups, even a gathering of friends in someone's home.  Here's a picture from a rather LARGE gathering:  (See that screen on the stage?  Yep, we showed lots of examples on it!  Read about this speaking engagement here.)


 If you are looking for a speaker for you group, call us!

We were featured in "L Magazine, Lincoln's Premiere Magazine" in August 2011.


 Want to read it? Click here.

Which was tremendously exciting, but also a bit  really scary because the reporter came to a Digs on a Dime makeover/party and mingled with the party guests while we did the redesign.

 (And Digs on a Dime is the 60 minute version).   

One Hour Makeover + Reporter documenting it all=Pressure

But it turned out great.  The client loved it, the guests loved it, and the reporter loved it.


We have had a lot of fun these last two years.  We have met some wonderful people, and we truly have the best clients in the world. are we celebrating? three different ways. We're doing something special for...

... Our clients:

We offered  a special (our deepest discount ever!) on our Dream Digs option, for "past clients only". That was a hit!


... Our business:

Our new website! We hope the redesigned website makes visiting our site easy, enjoyable, informative and inspiring for visitors. (You're visiting it now - what you you think?)  



Trish and I are planning an action-packed morning (one of these days...) of thrifting, thrifting, thrifting.  This is how we have fun.

And so, Happy Anniversary,

Dress Your Digs!

If you could use a bit of help making your home more functional, exciting, inviting, contact us if you are in the Lincoln, Nebraska area.  (402.499.3764)  We would love to come and help you!


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