Make Way for Baby

Baby on the way....soon, very soon!

Time to roll out the welcome mat in the master bedroom. 

This isn't Baby #1, or #2, or #3, or #4, or #5, or #6, but Baby #7!  

This family knows exactly how to best prepare for a new little precious one. They know how to pare down to the essentials that a baby needs.  So they had Trish and I (Dress Your Digs) over for a quick sprucing up of their master bedroom, which is where the baby will be.   They have lived in the house awhile, but haven't gotten around to doing much to the bedroom. The plan was for Trish and I to do what we could in an hour.  And, as always, we would use the things they already have.

The king-sized bed needed to stay put -only spot for it. However, it lacked a headboard.  

Here it is, BEFORE:

IMG_3957.JPG Our question to them:  Any large pieces of art in the house?

 And wouldn't you know it, they had not one, but several pieces (horizontal, even!) just hanging out in the basement, unused.  Yay!  One was a particular favorite of the husband, so that was the one we hung above the bed, BELOW:


Another wall (partially visible above) has a window, as well as a door that leads to a second floor balcony.   The door's upper portion is glass.  However, the family doesn't use this door nor the balcony currently, so it could technically be covered up.

Here's the wall, BEFORE:


We asked the clients if they happened to have any curtains that weren't being used, and they did.   White sheers!  This was too good to be true.  However, no curtain rods.  During  a brief consultation with Mrs. Client,  we suggested the option of pinning the curtains up with straight pins.  If the couple liked the look, they could always get some rods and put them up.  She replied, "Sure!"  So,  Trish pinned the delicate, sheer panels forming beautiful little pleats. The curtains add softness and bring balance to the wall. 


 Here's a BEFORE shot of the other side of the bed:

IMG_3958.JPGI'm sorry to tell you I don't have an AFTER shot.  (Somehow, some way, I lost some pictures.)But, I will tell you what we did.  We added a white dresser that the client had in mind to house baby's things, and we took out the side table above and used the dresser as a bedside table/clothing dresser (along with a lamp and a few books).  The dresser fills the space nicely, and also it had little legs on the bottom - making it work out perfectly here, since there's a floor register in that spot.

Yet another wall, BEFORE:


And, after:


So sorry I lost some of my AFTER pictures - and had to use the one above with the closet door open.  Oh well.   And, of course you noticed the sweet little feet in the picture above?  That's #6, excited to meet the new sib. 

And so, the one-hour touch up was done.



And it was done just in time: it's a girl, born just a few days later!

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